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  • AFL-CIO endorses Linda Coleman for Lt. Governor

    Now more than ever, the people of North Carolina need leaders like Linda Coleman who value work over greed and who will go to work to protect the public good.

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  • Richard Burr is the Candidate for Big Business

    Elaine Marshall is for the rest of us Fred Erwin is a professional firefighter for the City of Greensboro and member of Local 947. Fred says it’s the greed of Wall Street and big business that created our current jobs crisis. Richard Burr made it possible by voting for trade agreements that ship our jobs […]

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  • Elaine Marshall’s Final TV Ad: The Difference

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  • Hard @ Work on Labor 2010

    Phone Banks, Letter Writing, and Leafleting (oh my!) Union members are hard at work on our Labor 2010 program, doing everything we can to elect people who will fight for good American jobs, end tax breaks for outsourcing, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and create an economy that works for everyone – not just Wall Street […]

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  • Early Voting for Primary Runoff Begins (6/3)

    One-Stop voting until June 19 It’s a runoff! No Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate received 40% of the vote in the May 4 primary election, so the top two vote-getters – Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall and former state senator, Cal Cunningham – will face off in a runoff Tuesday, June 22, 2010. You don’t […]

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