• We Stand with the Duke University Press Workers Union

    We commend the people of the Duke University Press Workers Union for exercising their freedom to join together in union so they too can know the power, protection, and hope that comes from having a union contract, and we call on Duke University to immediately recognize their union and begin collective bargaining.

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  • Op-Ed: Supreme Court Case Demonstrates Need to Fight for Unions

    Jess Issacharoff, a Ph.D. candidate at Duke University and member of the Duke Graduate Students Union, SEIU, says labor unions ought to look the the South for inspiration in the fight to secure fair wages and our freedom to organize.

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  • NLRB election set for Duke graduate workers

    Duke Graduate Students Union announced this week that grad workers have secured dates for their NLRB-supervised union election to decide whether they will get the opportunity to collectively negotiate for a better life.

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