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  • Tell Art Pope: Stop Drowning Democracy in Corporate Cash!

    Art Pope uses his corporation as a political money machine. He is North Carolina’s top political donor. The puppets he elects serve the interests of the 1% but hurt the rest of us.Sign this petition, and tell Art Pope to “Stop the flood of corporate money in politics.”

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  • Republicans Vow to Put Right to Work for Less in State Constitution

    Should any worker still think Thom Tillis and the Republican majority in our state legislature are looking out for his or her interests, this puts the lie to that notion. Tillis says his party will push to enshrine North Carolina’s right to work for less status in the state constitution, and he doesn’t even pretend the move is about protecting workers.

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  • Republican Legislature Legalizes Corporate Tax Evasion

    North Carolina’s revenue problems will get worse thanks to a bill rushed through the Republican-led General Assembly at the end of session.

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  • Executive PayWatch 2011

    The PayWatch 2011 report is out (www.paywatch.org), and 2010 was a banner year for executive compensation at corporations in the United States. One of the featured case studies is that of Reynolds American President and CEO, Susan Ivey, who made over $23.8 million in 2010. Ivey’s 8-figure payout does not include millions of dollars more she walked away with after taking early retirement in February 2011 at age 52.

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  • ESCALATION: GOP Assault on Workers’ Comp Grows

    The Workers’ Compensation bills we have all been expecting (and dreading) have arrived – HB 709 AND SB 544. Contact your lawmakers today and urge him or her to, “oppose House Bill 709 and Senate Bill 544.” Don’t make injured workers pay the price of CEO greed!

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  • Republicans File Workers’ Compensation Bill (HB 709)

    Contact your Representative today and urge him or her to, “oppose House Bill 709.” Tell your Representative that, “working families back home are counting on legislators to protect our stable workers compensation system and make protecting injured workers–not corporate profits and insurance companies–a priority.”

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  • Act NOW to Stop a New Financial Disaster

    Incredibly, some members of Congress are preparing now to go to bat for Wall Street and to gut the financial reform law passed last year. Act NOW to stop them!

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  • Wall St. Pay Reached Obscene New High in 2010

    If you are reading this, chances are good you are not among the elite executives on Wall Street who collected $135 billion in bonus money last year. Instead of being a land of opportunity, the United States is becoming a land of sacrifices. But clearly that’s not the case for everyone.

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  • Wisconsin Power Play

    Nobel laureate and economist Paul Krugman has a new column in the NY Times this week about the battle in Wisconsin. There, the newly-elected Republican governor, Scott Walker, has set out to destroy public worker unions by eliminating collective bargaining. But this effort is not about helping Wisconsin close a budget gap – a gap already made worse by the governor’s own doing in lowering taxes on the wealthy.

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  • Rally Against Corporate Tax Dodgers in Charlotte (2/26)

    We pay taxes on our income in this state and in this country. Why doesn’t Bank of America? Take peaceful action against corporate tax dodgers who use our infrastructure and cheat our citizens. Join us on Saturday, Feb. 26 outside a Bank of America branch in Charlotte, NC.

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  • CBS Refuses to Air NFLPA Ad

    CBS has refused to air an ad from the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) because CBS executives say they “didn’t want to get involved” in labor negotiations between the union and the National Football League (NFL), which has threatened to lock out the players. CBS and other broadcasters pay the NFL $4 billion a year to televise the games and will pay even if the owners lock out the players. That $4 billion is basically lockout insurance, and CBS is pretty darn involved.

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  • Show Us the Money

    Pulling back the curtain on corporate tax giveaways A new report by the non-profit, non-partisan organization, Good Jobs First, consolidates public disclosure information about the corporate tax incentives and job subsidies doled out by state and local governments across the country. Many governments offer little to no online reporting of how much money is being […]

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  • Who’s Looking Out for Your Rights?

    It’s not big business Fred Erwin is a professional firefighter for the City of Greensboro, Local 947. If you’re a worker trying to decide who to vote for in 2010, Fred has one question for you: “Who’s looking out for your rights?” Watch the video: “It is true: for big businesses, their bottom line is […]

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  • Working America Exposes Outsourcing Culprits

    Working America Job Tracker

    Track job losses, health and safety violations, and other abuses in your ZIP.

    Job Tracker: They can’t hide anymore

    In the past decade, more than 5 million manufacturing jobs and 850,000 information sector jobs have disappeared—many of which have been shipped overseas. This outsourcing is encouraged by faulty trade and tax policies that corporate executives use to boost record-breaking profits and outrageous and obscene executive salaries.

    But finding out specific information on specific companies sending American jobs overseas and devastating their communities has been nearly impossible—until now. The AFL-CIO and Working America’s new Job Tracker database lists information on more than 400,000 corporations that have exported jobs overseas, violated health and safety codes or engaged in discriminatory or other illegal practice. (Check it out at http://t.co/qbg7wwm.)

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, in a conference call with reporters this morning, said Job Tracker’s searchable by ZIP code and the interactive database gives:

    “everyday people the opportunity to actually see what is happening in their community and shine the light on what corporations are doing. For the first time, working people have one place to see the real impact of the failed policies of the past that gave corporations the ability to ship American jobs overseas.”

    With this new data as a benchmark, working people will have the ability to separate the economic patriots from the corporate traitors at the ballot box.

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  • Congress Passes, President Signs Law to Save Hundreds of Thousands of American Jobs

    On the side of teachers, firefighters, public safety officers… Last week, Congress passed and the President quickly signed into law a bill that will save literally hundreds of thousands of American jobs. The law provides $16 billion in Medicaid funding assistance and $10 billion for teachers’ jobs. Failure to pass this bill would have meant […]

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