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  • Executive Paywatch: Average NC CEO Paid 235x Average Worker

    According to the 2021 edition of the Executive Paywatch report released today by the AFL-CIO, the average CEO-to-worker pay ratio at S&P 500 companies in North Carolina was 235:1 in 2020. On average, North Carolina CEOs made $13,302,100 in total compensation in 2020, up from $12,007,943 in 2019. Results once again show massive CEO-to-worker pay disparity and inequality among S&P 500 companies.

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  • N.C. CEOs paid 271 times the average American worker

    CEO pay for major companies in North Carolina continues to soar as income inequality and outsourcing of good-paying American jobs increases.

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  • CEOs already made more than average workers will all year

    You won’t believe how little these CEOs had to work to do it (or maybe you will).

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  • Fast-Food CEOs get paid 1000 times why they pay their workers

    Think 331 to 1 is a ridiculous pay gap between the average CEO and the average worker? According to a shocking new report by think tank Demos, fast-food CEOs make 1000 times what they pay their average workers, and that’s down from 1200 to 1 in 2012.

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  • North Carolina CEOs got paid HOW MUCH in 2013?!

    The average CEO of a company based in North Carolina in 2013 made $4.2 million, 108 times more than the average worker and 277 times more than a worker earning minimum wages. But Reynolds CEO may take the cake for most egregious income disparity compared to the tobacco farm workers who harvest his golden crop.

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  • CEO pay and you: It’s NOT a good thing!

    In the past few decades, CEO pay has skyrocketed while the average worker’s pay has stagnated despite increases in productivity. Learn more about the pervasive inequality in the United States and spread the word.

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  • Examining the growing influence of ALEC in NC

    On Tuesday, February 19 at 7 PM, we will join with Common Cause, North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), the Sierra Club, Progress NC Action, and the Raleigh-Wake MoveOn Council to air the Bill Moyers documentary, United States of ALEC, followed by a panel discussion led by the national president of Common Cause, Bob Edgar.

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  • The ongoing gluttony of Hostess executives

    The despicable looting of Hostess continued this week as a bankruptcy judge gave permission for the same executives who wrecked the company to pay themselves $1.8 million in bonuses.

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  • The Main Street Moment: Struggle in the heartland

    Only organized workers can save us from organized greed.

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  • CEO pay rises to 380 times average American workers’

    The average pay for a CEO in North Carolina is $4.2 million – 100 times the median income for North Carolina workers! Here’s why CEO pay matters.

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  • Flashmob: Citizens unite to oppose Citizens United

    Check out this cool video of a flashmob in Los Angeles of people – real persons, not fake corporate “people” – all united in their opposition to Citizens United, the 2012 Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates of unlimited and undisclosed corporate spending to influence elections.

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  • AFL-CIO comes out strong against Citizens United

    Business corporations are not people—they are manmade creatures of law that exist to generate economic activity and create jobs and income in communities. The notion that they should enjoy the same rights and protections as natural persons is absurd and it is destructive to our democracy.

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  • Join national day of action against ALEC Feb 29

    Occupy Winston-Salem is supporting a national day of action on February 29 to call attention to the corporations that fund ALEC. They’re calling it Occupy the Corporations / #Feb29, and we are calling on our members and others who value work and condemn greed to join us.

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  • Take the Pledge, “I support American Jobs”

    In the wake of the bankruptcy of American Airlines, 13,000 people will lose their jobs and its employees’ will lose their pension. Over a hundred workers at RDU International airport will be affected, and their local union is asking for our help. Show your solidarity with American workers by taking the pledge, “I support American jobs.”

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  • Citizens uniting against Citizens United

    January 21, 2012 is the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations are people, money is speech, and corporations have the right to spend as much of their money as they like to influence elections.

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