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  • State Senators doing bankers’ bidding, AGAIN!

    Between SB 89 and this new monstrosity, SB 489, it would seem that state senators care more about bankers’ ability to trap their constituents in a never-ending debt cycle than about governing for the good of their constituents.

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  • NCGA moves to cripple A.G. consumer protection unit

    Given its track record of putting conservative ideology above everything else, maybe its no surprise that our out-of-control state legislature has moved since returning to Raleigh last week to cripple the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection by eliminating its funding entirely.

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  • Trouble w/Blue Cross? Health Insurance Smart NC Has Your Back!

    If you’re having trouble finding, keeping, or using health insurance in North Carolina, now you have a powerful ally in your corner. The North Carolina Department of Insurance has created a new consumer assistance program, Health Insurance Smart NC. Smart NC is the latest example of how our DOI is working for consumers and citizens – not insurance companies.

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  • URGENT: Oppose Bill that Expands Wage Garnishment

    Last week Rep. Timothy Moore (R- 111th District, Shelby) introduced HB 30 – “Allow Wage Garnishment to Satisfy Judgments” – which was referred to House Judiciary Subcommittee A. This bill will cause great harm to many North Carolina families struggling to make ends meet, as well as to employers who will get caught in the middle of debt collection problems.

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  • Predatory Real Estate Practice Focus of New Bill

    NC Justice Center urging state lawmakers to support SB1015 The NC Justice Center needs our help to pressure state house members to support a senate bill that would crack down on predatory real estate practices: Next Tuesday, May 25th, the NC House Committee on Financial Institutions will meet to discuss SB1015, The Homeowner and Homebuyer […]

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  • The Payday Lending Treadmill

    A short-term ‘solution’ becomes long-term debt trap Payday lenders want policy makers and the public to believe they offer a product consumers need, but payday loans get you no where fast. Paying off a payday loan isn’t easy, and keeping you coming back for more is how payday lenders make their money.

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  • Payday Lenders Set Borrowers Up for Failure

    REPORT: ‘Phantom Demand’ lays bare the deception A new report by the Center for Responsible Lending shows the payday loan industry creates demand for its own services by setting loan terms that encourage rapid re-borrowing by consumers: Payday churning – repeat borrowing of what payday lenders market as a short-term loan of a few hundred […]

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