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  • MaryBe McMillan talks to News & Views for Labor Day

    MaryBe McMillan sat down for an interview with Chris Fitzsimon of the radio program News & Views to discuss the state of working in North Carolina this Labor Day.

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  • RADIO: MaryBe McMillan Will Be Guest on News & Views

    MaryBe McMillan’s interview with Chris Fitzsimon for the radio program News & Views will air on Triangle radio stations 101.5 and 99.9 FM beginning at 7:30 AM Sunday, April 10.

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  • James Andrews: Labor Day is Call to Action for Leaders

    We have a jobs crisis creating a debt crisis Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Politicians need to be focused on creating jobs for today’s jobless instead of worrying about future debts because only when the unemployed get back to work will we be able to grow our economy and tackle our long-term federal budget deficits. In the […]

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  • Thoughts for the Tax Day Protests

    By Chris Fitzsimon Chris Fitzsimon writes a blog, the Fitzsimon File, at NC Policy Watch. Earlier this week, he published this piece on the hypocrisy of the tax day Tea Party protesters, which he has given us permission to reprint in full: Thursday is April 15, tax day, so get ready for the annual onslaught […]

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