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  • Election Explainer – NC Labor Commissioner

    For two decades, the health, safety, and wages of workers in North Carolina have all been neglected by the agency that sets standards for how employers treat and compensate their workers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, things have only gotten worse. The good news is that we have the power to elect a new Labor Commissioner this year, and unions of working people have endorsed Jessica Holmes.

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  • Crack Down on Wage Thieves in North Carolina

    Sign our petition to tell state Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, our “Reluctant Regulator” to use her power to crack down on minimum wage violators in North Carolina!

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  • Opinion: Justice of Jesus demands fair wages for a fair living

    The North Carolina Council of Churches has responded to the findings of an investigation by the News & Observer that Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry let deadbeat employers steal $1 million from North Carolinians in 2014 with a powerful op-ed calling on Berry “to enforce the laws of North Carolina” because “That’s her job.

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  • N.C. is aiding and abetting criminal activity with taxpayer money

    Wage thieves are real, they are criminals, and last year Cherie Berry let them get away with stealing $1 million from workers in North Carolina.

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  • Wage theft just the latest FAIL by Cherie Berry

    It’s not just failing to combat wage theft. Cherie Berry has a long, sorry record as North Carolina’s Labor Commissioner, including multiple investigations by both the press and federal regulators and outrageous policy positions on child labor and the minimum wage.

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  • N&O: At NC Department of Labor, little help for unpaid workers

    The North Carolina Department of Labor allowed deadbeat employers to steal $1 million in wages from their employees last year. When those 617 workers turned to their Labor Commissioner, Cherie Berry, for help, she turned them away, closing their cases almost as soon as they had been opened, according to reporting by Mandy Locke at the News & Observer about our “Reluctant Regulator”.

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  • Recap: Workers’ Memorial Day 2015

    About two dozen Raleigh workers, advocates, community members, and faith leaders gathered on International Workers Memorial Day to memorialize workers who died or suffered illness or injury on the job and to call on North Carolina Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry to do a better job protecting the health and safety of workers.

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  • Deaths on the job almost doubled in 2014

    The News & Observer has reported that nearly twice as many workers died on the job in North Carolina in 2014 compared to the year before, according to preliminary data released by the state Department of Labor this month. Is Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry up to doing her job?

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  • Child labor abuse is still a thing in N.C.

    What happens when elected officials like Commission of Labor Cherie Berry care more about bosses than workers? Rampant child labor abuses in NC tobacco fields. Advocates say NC is doing nothing to stop it.

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  • Cherie Berry doesn’t deserve to be re-elected Labor Commissioner

    NC State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan’s letter to the editor of Indy Week to detail the many reasons why Cherie Berry doesn’t deserve to be re-elected Labor Commissioner.

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  • NC Labor Commissioner wants to abolish the minimum wage

    Cherie Berry is either clueless about the fact that minimum wage earners who work full-time, 40 hours a week, in one year earn only $15,080 – or she doesn’t care. Either way, Cherie Berry should not be North Carolina’s Commissioner of Labor.

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  • Send a valentine that matters

    Maybe Valentines Day is a made-up holiday to boost the sale of flowers, cards, and candy, but this year you can send a valentine that matters – and help farmworkers in the process.

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