• Russell the Hound on the hunt for N.C.’s best public investments

    North Carolina’s state dog is the Plott Hound. As tax day approaches, our friends and coalition partners at Together NC have enlisted a hound of their own to sniff out examples of the Old North State’s best public investments.

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  • UNC Board of Governors votes to allow tuition hikes

    The cuts last year imposed by the state legislature and the hikes of tuition and fees approved today by the UNC governors are a reminder of just how far our state has fallen from living up to its constitutional obligation to the people of North Carolina.

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  • How do state budget cuts impact where you live?

    Our friends at Together NC have pulled together a new clearinghouse of statewide and regional information about the economy and the impact of state budget cuts. On the Chopping Block puts data and reports from all seven of NC’s economic regions at your fingertips.

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  • Protestors to Ellmers: Abandon Austerity and Rebuild the Dream

    In the wake of a final debt deal that raises the nation’s debt ceiling but fails to protect the middle class, local residents gathered Wednesday at U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers’ office in Dunn, NC to demand that she stand up for the American Dream and focus on job creation rather than cuts to vital programs on which many Americans depend.

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  • One Debt, Two Presidents, Big Difference

    During the recent, ludicrous, and unnecessary debate about whether or not America should pay its debts, the New York Times pulled together information from the Congressional Budget Office and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to illustrate how the policies of the current and previous federal administrations have affected our national debt.

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  • Senate “Gang Bangers” – Millionaires All – Set to Gore Workers in Debt Deal

    Gangs are bad, m’kay? Except in the United States Senate, where they get to determine the future (un)happiness of the American people. The self-titled “Gang of Six” has a plan to raise the debt ceiling, and working families and retirees are once again being told to sacrifice their retirement, their health care, and their future prosperity so major corporations and rich people can pay less.

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  • Don’t Cut A Raw Deal, Mr. Vice President

    Vice President Joe Biden is negotiating a deal on the debt ceiling with a bipartisan group of lawmakers. Negotiators won’t tax the rich and big corporations but they will cut the pay of workers. That’s a “Raw Deal” any way you cut it. Sign our petition to VP Biden.

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  • NC GOP to Workers Walking Picket Line, “Let them eat cake.”

    About three dozen North Carolinians who are fed up with calls by Republican leaders for everyone else to sacrifice so they and their corporate campaign backers can continue to sacrifice nothing walked a picket line outside the headquarters of the North Carolina Republican Party in Raleigh, today.

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  • Take Action to Support Federal Workers

    America’s deficit problem is about the lack of good jobs and stagnant wages. Freezing federal pay and spending and cutting pensions, health care benefits, and jobs isn’t the cure… it’s a curse. It’s a package of outrageous attacks that fuels an economic race to the bottom.

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  • Federal Worker Pay Freeze Leaves Families in Cold

    Freezing the pay of federal workers isn’t a real solution to closing the budget deficit. Political ploy scapegoats federal employees Last week, President Obama jumped aboard the bandwagon in a “race to the bottom” on wages. Their goal seems to be blaming workers in the federal government – the border patrol agent making only $34,000 […]

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  • In Case You Forgot: This is Bush’s Deficit

    A chart back to reality Deficit peacocks – like our own Republican Senator, Richard Burr – succeeded in killing legislation to extend unemployment insurance, COBRA subsidies, and aid to the states to avoid massive layoffs. Their victory is a loss for workers and working families struggling to cope with layoffs and long-term unemployment inflicted upon […]

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  • CBO: HCR Bill Reduces Deficit by $130 Billion over 10yr

    Savings over 20 years: $1.2 trillion The Congressional Budget Office, the non-partisan budget score keeper Democrats and Republicans alike depend on to tell them what impact bills have on the budget, released it’s report on the revised legislation to reform health care and health insurance – and it’s a huge money saver. Comprehensive reform will […]

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  • State of Emergency Budget Rally on Monday (6/15)

    Protest of destructive budget cuts outside legislature Lawmakers in Raleigh are considering a budget proposal that would balance the books on the backs of working families by cutting essential programs and services needed now more than ever. Decisions made in the legislature threaten to turn an economic crisis for the state into a state of […]

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