• Top 10 state budget missteps in 2015 | The Progressive Pulse

    The New Year will give North Carolina lawmakers a chance to right their budget wrongs from 2015, says Tazra Mitchell with the Budget & Tax Center

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  • BTC BRIEF: County Economic Snapshots by NC Justice Center

    The Budget & Tax Center’s annual Economic Snapshots are now available and offer a look at how well North Carolina communities are faring across key economic and social outcomes.

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  • Stand with the Fight for $15 on Sept. 4

    On Thursday, September 4 at noon, supporters of fast food workers in the South – workers who are leading the way in the fight for raising wages, respect, and hope through their union – will rally in Durham.

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  • Learn how to build an economy that works for all (3/26)

    The economy doesn’t just happen to us. If it doesn’t work for us, we have the power, together, to change the rules.

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  • National day of action for sequester repeal (3/20)

    Join working families on March 20 for a national day of actions, at rallies and press conferences, to demand Congress repeal the sequester and work for solutions that work for working people.

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  • Save the Earned Income Tax Credit in NC

    The Earned Income Tax Credit is a powerful anti-poverty tool that must be protected by state lawmakers as they consider changes to the tax code. Unfortunately, Republican state lawmakers have filed a bill to cut the state EITC for 2013 and could allow the credit to expire completely next year.

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  • On Valentines Day, call Congress to stop heartless cuts

    Congressional Republicans are taking the economy hostage again—threatening to blow it up unless vital services for working families are cut. Call your members of Congress Feb. 14 at 888-659-9401, and tell them to stand up to these bullies!

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  • Vigil-goers hope and pray Congress sees the light against cuts

    On December 10, dozens of workers, retirees, students, and veterans in downtown Raleigh joined others gathered in Greensboro and in Asheville to light candles and stand vigil outside congressional offices while their neighbors and faith leaders put the national debate over tax cuts for the rich and program cuts for the rest in personal terms.

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  • Candlelight Campaign Against Cuts comes to N.C. (12/10)

    Join us at 4:30 PM on Monday when working families will hold vigil outside congressional offices in Raleigh, Greensboro, and Asheville to call for an end to tax breaks for the richest 2% and, using personal stories, tell why Congress must not cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits.

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  • N.C. workers and retirees tell Congress ‘No more benefit cuts’

    Two days after the election, middle-class families in North Carolina told their stories about how they would be hurt if Congress cuts Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to extend George Bush’s tax cuts for the top 2%. But that’s only the beginning.

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  • Where did the debt come from?

    How we went in ten years from a projected record surplus to record deficits is a desperately needed reality check during an overheated election season.

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  • Congress and the coming budget showdown

    After the election, Congress must decide between tax cuts for the richest 2% or jobs and economic security for the rest of us. We need to act now to make sure our members of Congress understand this – it is time for those whom America has done so right by to start doing right by America.

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  • Who pays taxes in North Carolina?

    Everybody pays taxes in North Carolina. Actually, everybody in the United States pays taxes. Period. End of story.

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  • Offshoring jobs continues to drag down N.C.’s economy

    A recent brief by the Budget and Tax Center underlines just how serious a problem offshoring has been for North Carolina’s economy. Without all the losses from corporations shipping our jobs to China since 2001 and to Mexico in just one year, 2010, unemployment in North Carolina would be down almost to where it was before the Great Recession.

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  • What could $336 million loophole buy?

    Republican lawmakers rammed through a huge new tax loophole for businesses amounting to $336 million in revenue lost to North Carolina each year! What would $336 million in lost revenue buy for the people of North Carolina?

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