• Lobbying for A Working People’s Agenda

    When the 2013 Labor Legislative Conference (LLC) convened in Raleigh on Tuesday, participants learned the outlook at the start of the new biennium of the North Carolina General Assembly for working people, consumers, the environment, clean elections advocates, and many other constituencies is grim, indeed.

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  • Workers Unite to Promote a Working People’s Agenda

    Some corporate executives looking for a return on their substantial investments in state legislative campaigns last year have their eyes on changes to our workers’ compensation system. Lawmakers in Raleigh would do well to look the other way. In these tough economic times, there is no sense in fixing what is not broken and making injured workers pay the price. Instead, the legislature should focus on what the people of North Carolina need most right now – jobs. The Labor Legislative Conference Feb. 8 will provide an opportunity for the new Republican House and Senate majorities to hear this message.

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