• Airport Screeners Choose AFGE, AFL-CIO as their Union

    Transportation Security Officers have chosen the AFL-CIO affiliate American Federation of Government Employees in a runoff election with the National Treasury Employees union to be their exclusive bargaining representative.

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  • Duane Adkinson

    A Man Driven by his Faith to Defend Social Justice and Working People

    Duane Adkinson, a retired UAW member, long-time supporter and activist of the NC AFL-CIO, NC Alliance for Retired Americans Board member, and Triangle At-Large Retiree Club Treasurer, was highlighted in the Garner Citizen newspaper earlier this year for his tireless work on behalf of human rights and social justice (see link below for full story).

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  • The Triangle Fire: Still Burning Before Our Nation

    100 years ago today in New York City, 146 workers, mostly young immigrant girls, jumped to their deaths from the 10-story building, unable to escape a fire because factory foremen had locked all the doors. The owners, Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, worried the workers would steal from the company.

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  • AFL-CIO Southern Region Conference in April

    Join state federation, area and central labor council leaders and community services liaisons from across the region as we meet to share ideas, strategies, challenges and opportunities in building our movement at the state and local levels.

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  • Take the Pledge to Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 2!

    Only ballots – not good intentions – get counted Early voting ended last Saturday. If you have yet to cast your ballot in this important election, Tuesday, November 2 is your one and only chance to be heard. The AFL-CIO is asking union voters, our family members, and our supporters to take the pledge to […]

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  • A Message from the Unions of Today’s AFL-CIO

    WATCH: Labor Day TV Ad The AFL-CIO is marking Labor Day 2010 with national T.V. and radio ads that will be broadcast this weekend during Major League Baseball games, the NASCAR Pep Boys 500 on Sunday, and the NCAA football season opener – Boise State v. Virginia Tech – on Monday. Watch the T.V. spot: […]

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  • Obama Meets with AFL-CIO Executive Council

    Click to watch video of President Obama’s speech. Renews pledge to support EFCA, continue fighting for workers President Obama addressed the leadership of the AFL-CIO at the recent Executive Council meeting in Washington, DC. Touting the major legislative accomplishments of his administration – health reform and Wall Street reform chief among them – the President […]

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  • James Andrews Elected to AFL-CIO Executive Council

    James Andrews with President Barack Obama. A new voice for state/local movement Last Wednesday, August 4, 2010, the AFL-CIO Executive Council – the top governing body of the National AFL-CIO – elected five new members, including our own NC State AFL-CIO President, James Andrews, who will take one of two seats newly created to promote […]

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  • Going ‘Gaga’ Over Workers’ Rights

    “Don’t get caught in a bad hotel” From the AFL-CIO Blog: Lady Gaga recently made an unexpected appearance at the Westin Saint Francis hotel in San Francisco – in the form of a flash mob singing a pro-worker version of lyrics to her “Bad Romance.” Replete with tuba, trombone, snare drum and a couple dozen […]

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  • New Rules for Air, Railway Union Elections

    Non-votes no longer counted as “No” votes Air and railway companies have long had an unfair advantage when their workers tried to form a union. Old rules – tossed out today by the National Mediation Board (NMB) – mean workers covered by the Rail Labor Act will no longer have the votes not cast by […]

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  • AFL-CIO Backs Final Passage of Health Care Bill

    Now is the time to say ‘Yes’ “When I look at the years we’ve been fighting for health care and what it means for working families to start down the path of comprehensive reform, I know the time to step forward is now,” said AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka in a video message to working families […]

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  • AFL-CIO Call for Good Jobs, Making Wall Street Pay

    Actions planned in NC next week Working families are joining together to demand good jobs now. America needs 11 million jobs, and big Wall Street banks should pay to rebuild jobs and the economy they helped destroy in 2008. Since the recession began, America has lost nearly 9 million jobs. While Americans have lost jobs, […]

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  • Rich Trumka’s Speech to National Press Club

    AFL-CIO President talks jobs, restoring the middle class, and health care In a speech delivered to the National Press Club on Monday, National AFL-CIO President, Rich Trumka, said because of the failed policies of the past three decades, the United States is “a nation with profound, unaddressed structural economic problems on a long-term, downward slide.” […]

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  • Help Us in the Fight for Good Jobs NOW!

    AFL-CIO unveils 5-point plan to fix jobs crisis It’s up to us, America’s unions, to lead the fight for solutions that will get us out of this crisis. The AFL-CIO has a five-point plan to create and save millions of jobs over the next year, starting as soon as Congress acts. It will take all […]

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  • AFL-CIO Statement on the Senate Health Care Bill

    Not worthy of our support without changes Working people have been fighting for health care reform in the United States for over a century. Despite the challenges to getting a good bill, we are not about to give up now. Today, our country stands alone in the developed world as the only nation not to […]

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