• Children speak out against American Crystal Sugar lockout

    Since the company refuses to listen to its workers, the children and grandchildren of locked out American Crystal Sugar Company workers gathered to write letters to CEO Dave Berg and board members about how the lockout is affecting their families and communities.

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  • CWA, IBEW reach deal with Verizon

    After 15 months of bargaining and one strike, CWA and IBEW have reached a tentative deal with Verizon that could finally, with membership approval, result in a new contract.

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  • Workers at state AFL-CIO Convention get ready to rumble

    Delegates from AFL-CIO unions and councils representing workers from every economic sector across North Carolina attended our 2012 state convention in Raleigh to get energized and mobilized for the final push of our Labor 2012 campaign, to be inspired by an amazing speakers, and to honor the rank-and-file.

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  • State AFL-CIO VP, J. David Cox, elected AFGE National President

    Winning election to the top post at AFGE on the first ballot is only the latest (and greatest) recognition of J. David’s career of service to military veterans, to federal employees, and to advancing the rights of all workers.

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  • NC State AFL-CIO VP to chair Union Veterans Council

    It is my honor to be an advocate for the care they receive within the VA, ensure our elected officials keep up their end of the bargain and provide our heroes with the support they deserve.

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  • The Main Street Moment: Struggle in the heartland

    Only organized workers can save us from organized greed.

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  • What’s grosser than “Pink Slime”?

    We received an urgent request for solidarity support this week from AFGE, which represents workers at the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA is up to no-good in a big way.

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  • Greensboro Firefighters Host the 2011 Mudbug Run (10/29)

    Professional Firefighters of Greensboro Local 947 will hold the Triad’s first-ever mudrun on Saturday 10/29 at 12 noon in Hagan Stone Park. The 2011 Mudbug Run is a fundraiser – 80% of the proceeds will benefit MDA, the other 20% will go to training local firefighters.

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  • North Carolina Rallies to Save the Postal Service

    On September 27, 2011, hundreds of postal employees were joined by other workers for rallies in every North Carolina congressional district to educate the public and call for passage in Congress of HR 1351, a bill that would Save America’s Postal Service.

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  • FREE Concert by AFM Local 500 in Raleigh on Monday (8/29)

    Members of the Professional Musicians’ Association will take the stage at 7pm on Monday, August 29 for a FREE concert at King’s Barcade in Raleigh. The Association includes members of the NC Symphony and national touring bands, as well as talented freelancers. Expect VIPs on stage and in the audience!

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  • In Defense of the U.S. Postal Service

    There is no denying that times are changing how people communicate with each other, but there will always be a need for the United States Postal Service. But from Congress to the campaign trail of right-wing politicians, the very idea that there should be universal mail service in this country is under attack.

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  • Tell Verizon: Stop Attacking America’s Middle Class

    As of midnight August 7, more than 45,000 Verizon Communications Inc. workers from New England to Virginia—members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the Electrical Workers (IBEW)—went on strike to stop the company’s attacks on the middle class.

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  • Airport Screeners Choose AFGE, AFL-CIO as their Union

    Transportation Security Officers have chosen the AFL-CIO affiliate American Federation of Government Employees in a runoff election with the National Treasury Employees union to be their exclusive bargaining representative.

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  • Don’t Cut A Raw Deal, Mr. Vice President

    Vice President Joe Biden is negotiating a deal on the debt ceiling with a bipartisan group of lawmakers. Negotiators won’t tax the rich and big corporations but they will cut the pay of workers. That’s a “Raw Deal” any way you cut it. Sign our petition to VP Biden.

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  • Airport Security Officers Granted Basic Rights

    After a nine-year battle to secure workplace protections for Transportation Security Administration employees, the American Federation of Government Employees today praised Transportation Security Officers across the country for their unwavering commitment and tenacity in fighting for collective bargaining rights to be granted.

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