Rep. Ellmers’ Failure To Fight For Jobs Threatens Our Economy

NC State AFL-CIO, PO Box 10805, Raleigh, NC 27605

Press Advisory for October 13, 2011

Contact: Jeremy Sprinkle, Communications Director, 919-833-6678,;


Workers in the other 99% will picket Ellmers to remind her that “America Wants to Work” at 11:30am Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dunn, N.C. – Workers from all walks of life will walk a picket line outside Rep. Renee Ellmers’ district office in Dunn on Thursday to remind her that North Carolinians want politicians to address our jobs crisis, not cater to Wall Street and the top 1%. Our picket is part of “America Wants to Work”, a nationwide week of action to urge Rep. Ellmers and other members of Congress to quit playing defense for those who don’t need defending and start working for the other 99% of us by adopting bold solutions that will put Americans back to work rebuilding our state and our country.

The jobs crisis is the number one threat to our economy, but Renee Ellmers isn’t paying attention. We need Ellmers to put aside partisanship long enough to help our middle class and economy recover. Recovery can begin with substantial investment in our infrastructure, extending vital jobless benefits, and keeping homeowners in their homes. And we must end the corrupt practices on Wall Street which caused our jobs crisis in the first place.

Americans have had enough of catering to the needs of Wall Street, cutting taxes for the top 1%, and exacting sacrifices from everyone else. Occupy Wall Street is proof of that. We need Rep. Ellmers to wake up to the fact that our jobs crisis is urgent and demands action.

What: Picket in support of the American Jobs Act

When: Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011 at 11:30am.

Where: Renee Ellmers’ district offices, 406 W. Broad St, Dunn, NC 28334

Why: Rep. Ellmers has the power to help put America back to work and avoid more job losses, if only she would use it.

Who: AFL-CIO,, AFGE, Workers United, Alliance for Retired Americans, Greater Sandhills Central Labor Council, and others.

To schedule an interview with a worker or small business owner affected by our jobs crisis or an officer of the NC State AFL-CIO or for more information about this action, call Jeremy Sprinkle at 336-255-2711.