Recap from our 2012 #TaxDay Showdown

It’s about the Tax Inequality…

Working families, community advocates, students, and retirees stood off against representatives of multi-national corporations and the super-wealthy at a “showdown” on Tax Day, April 17th, outside the Bank of America branch in Cameron Village.

Demonstrators at the Tax Day protest rejected the Ryan budget and other costly tax cuts for the super-wealthy that jeopardize public education, Social Security, and the investments we need to grow the American economy and save the middle class.

Tax policies that grant the 1% huge tax cuts and let mega-corporations off the hook for paying their fair share of taxes leave working families and everyone else in the 99% stuck with the bill.

Click here to watch a video of “Sights & Sounds from #TaxDay “Showdown” in Raleigh”:

When the 99% converged outside Bank of America in Cameron Village on Tax Day to call for an end to the tax inequality which is bankrupting our country, a small but dedicated troupe of the 1% was there to meet them.

Click here to watch video of the one percent at our Tax Day Showdown:

Click here for coverage of our Tax Day event by the Progressive Pulse, which included an audio slide show:

ABC 11 Eyewitness News covered the showdown:

“It’s completely unfair that here in North Carolina low-income taxpayers pay a third more of their income than the wealthiest tax payers, and you have corporations like Bank of America, FedEx, Duke Energy, not paying anything at all, and we’re in a revenue crisis. We need more monies for our schools and public services and we think the richest folks should be paying their fair share,” offered MaryBe McMillan with the NC State AFL-CIO.

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The Raleigh News & Observer gave the showdown front-page coverage with this photo:

Photo by Chuck Liddy for News & Observer

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Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out for our #TaxDay Showdown! North Carolina’s labor movement is lucky to have such dedicated activists.