New National Ad for Employee Free Choice

(Picture) Employee Free Choice ActMedia Fund effort depends on viewers like you

Greed. Fabric of America. The Real Secret. Hope & Change. We Don’t Ask. The Boardroom. See Saw.

These are the national television spots made possible by contributions to the AFL-CIO Media Fund from local and national unions, state federations like ours, central labor councils, and thousands of individual union members, friends, family members, and allies alike.

Corporate America and its anti-worker front groups have mounted an aggressive, multi-hundred-million dollar ad campaign on TV, radio, and in print to spread lies about the Employee Free Choice Act. That Big Business would use its deep pockets (and even tax-payer funded bailouts) to try and buy the defeat of critical workers’ rights legislation shouldn’t surprise anyone. Money is clearly their strong suit.

Our strength is people power. In North Carolina alone we have made thousands of contacts with Senator Kay Hagan and our members of Congress with handwritten letters, phone calls, and constituent meetings. Dozens of community and union members attended one such meeting at our office with Rep. Bob Etheridge just last week.

However, we cannot let Big Business’ campaign of lies and disinformation go unanswered in the media. The public needs to hear from us, too. Each of us as individuals – and the unions and community organizations to which we belong – must be willing to chip in to fund ads like this newest one:

At our 2009 Legislative Conference, delegates raised with dollar for dollar matching by the NC State AFL-CIO over $3,835 for the Media Fund. Whatever the amount – $5, $20, $50, $100 or more – please give what you can afford to the AFL-CIO Media Fund, today.