MaryBe McMillan

MaryBe McMillan is President of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO. With her election to this position in 2017, she became the first female president in the history of the organization and is one of nine women leading state AFL-CIO federations in the country. Prior to her election as President, she served 12 years as Secretary-Treasurer—again the first woman to serve in that position.

Before working for the NC State AFL-CIO, she worked for the national AFL-CIO’s Union Community Fund, as Research Director for the Common Sense Foundation, and as State Policy Analyst for the Rural School & Community Trust.

MaryBe grew up in Hickory, North Carolina. She became involved with union organizing as a student and is passionate about organizing workers in the South. MaryBe frequently speaks to groups around the country about the importance of building a strong labor movement in the South.

MaryBe graduated with honors from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. She also holds a Master of Arts degree from UNC-Greensboro and a doctorate degree in sociology from NC State University. MaryBe is a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 465 in Durham, North Carolina., @marybemcmillan

Speeches & Poems by MaryBe McMillan

“#TimesUp” by MaryBe McMillan (poem)

“Time to Organize” by MaryBe McMillan (poem)

“Union Yes” by MaryBe McMillan (poem)

General Counsel

Trisha Pande

Trisha Pande is an attorney at Patterson Harkavy LLP and based in Chapel Hill, NC. She is dedicated to fighting for workers’ rights and primarily represents employees and labor unions. Before joining Patterson Harkavy, Trisha was Assistant General Counsel at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Washington, DC. While at SEIU, Trisha represented workers and local unions before the National Labor Relations Board and state labor relations agencies across the country. Trisha regularly speaks on topics regarding labor unions, employment rights, and alternative strategies to advancing workers’ rights in the modern economy. She has presented for the American Bar Association, the North Carolina Bar Association, the AFL-CIO Union Lawyers Alliance, and the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. Trisha graduated from Brown University and the George Washington University Law School with honors. She received the National Association of Women Lawyers Outstanding Law Graduate Award in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of women in society and in the legal profession.

Communications Director / Operations Manager

Jeremy Sprinkle

Jeremy Sprinkle is the Communications Director and Operations Manager for the North Carolina State AFL-CIO, where he has worked since 2005. Prior to being hired, Jeremy interned with our state fed on the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride and Justice @ Smithfield campaigns and worked for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Jeremy is responsible for developing and implementing an external and internal communications plan using traditional and online media outreach, available digital platforms, and creative special events – as well as for planning state federation conferences and maintaining day-to-day operations at our headquarters. Jeremy is a political science graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Jeremy is a member of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, TNG-CWA Local 32035.

Campaigns Manager & Field Director

Aiden Graham is the Campaigns Manager & Field Director for the North Carolina State AFL-CIO. Aiden is a member of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, TNG-CWA Local 32035.

Organizing & Mobilization Coordinator

Catherine Walton-Ward

Catherine Walton-Ward is the Organizing & Mobilization for the North Carolina State AFL-CIO.

Before working for the NC State AFL-CIO, Catherine worked for Working America, community affiliate of the AFL-CIO where she served as the NC State Director. During her 8 years at Working America, she organized, ran, and won campaigns fighting for $15 wages for city workers in both Greensboro and Winston-Salem. She has also spent time working towards Medicaid expansion and extended unemployment benefits. Catherine has developed members into activists and organized workers in successful campaigns.

Catherine is a history graduate of Wake Forest University. She is a member of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, TNG-CWA Local 32035.

Executive Board Members

The North Carolina State AFL–CIO is governed by an executive board of Vice Presidents (listed in alphabetical order by last name).

Rick Armstrong, IBT
Rob Axford, IBEW
Janice Barnes, USW
Andre Barnett, UFCW
Harold Black, CWA
Daniel Dashman, IATSE
Jackie Davis, SEIU Workers United
Terrence Dewberry, ATU
Randy Fulk, BCTGM
Vernon Gammon, IBT
Tim Godfrey, USW
Michael Gravinese, AFGE
Corey Hill, UAW
Ron Ingerick, SMART
Maureen Kelly, IAMAW
Yvonne Kinston, CWA
Ken Krebs, AFGE
Darla McGlamery, IATSE
Theodore McNeal, IAMAW
Denise Moore, OPEIU
Geneva Moore, AFGE
Justin Flores, FLOC
Bob Riggins, UAW
Tim Rorie, Central Labor Councils
Craig Schadewald, NALC
Larry Sorrells, APWU
Scott Thrower, IBEW
Al Vincent, UFCW
Alvin Warwick, IBEW
Grant Welch, CWA
Denicia Montford Williams, Constituency Groups
Tony Wilson, APWU
Leticia Zavala, FLOC