Join us for the Backwards Budget .5K (6/19)

Because North Carolina is falling behind

Our friends at Together NC have organized a fun way to honor (or skewer, really) the backwards state budget our out-of-control legislature is set to adopt. At the Backwards Budget .5K in Raleigh on June 19, participants will race (or just walk) backwards around Halifax Mall – the area directly behind the North Carolina General Assembly building – to raise awareness of choices lawmakers are making that will set back our great state decades.

Join us for the Backwards Budget 0.5k on June 19 by registering here:

What: Backwards Budget .5K to protest a state budget that takes our state backwards
When: Tuesday, June 19. Race starts at noon, registration starts at 11:15 AM.
Where: Halifax Mall behind the NC Legislative Building, 301 N. Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC 27601

Click here to register for the Backwards Budget .5K and get a FREE t-shirt! Refreshments will also be provided.

Budgets are choices people in government make about what is important, whether that be investments to create jobs and provide a quality public education to all students in North Carolina on the one hand or carving out new $336 million tax breaks for the wealthy and eliminating funding for regulators charged with protecting our clean air and clean water supply on the other hand.

Our right-wing lawmakers have chosen the latter, putting North Carolina on a path to mediocrity – at best – says Together NC:

“We believe North Carolina is at its best and most competitive when we have a strong public education system, community colleges that train and retrain workers, public universities that are engines of innovation and a robust infrastructure that eases the way for businesses and provides a strong quality of life for all to enjoy.”

At worst, the Backwards Budget will do long-term damage to the very public investments in education, science, the environment, and infrastructure that have made North Carolina the best state to live in the South.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Our state could have a budget that moves North Carolina forward if our lawmakers could summon the political courage to raise revenue.

North Carolinians deserve to know the truth about what their extremist, tea-party legislature is doing to their state.

And if a few racers at the Backwards Budget .5K have to fall on our behinds to make the point that our state needs to move forward not backward, so be it – it’ll be fun!