Gallup: Majority Support Easier Unionization

(Picture) Employee Free Choice ActIndependent poll shows 53% support new law

Gallup released results of a new poll on Tuesday, March 17, that show by a wide-margin, a majority of the American public supports a new law to make it easier to organize a union. The Employee Free Choice Act would do just that.

Maybe it’s the fact that in 1 out of 4 union campaigns a worker will be fired for supporting the union. Maybe it’s the multi-million dollar bonuses paid for with bailout money to the very people who’ve wrecked our economy while average workers get paid less for working harder. Whatever their motivation, the American people want to level the playing field for workers who want to form a union and bargain for a better life:

(Poll) Gallup reports that Americans support new labor laws 53-39%

Results of the poll show wide support for a new law among Democrats (70%) and majority support among Independents (52%). Even a third of Republicans in the poll support reform:

(Poll) Opinion on reform by political party ID

Under current law, employers have the power to choose how employees get to form a union.  If an employer doesn’t want to respect the wishes of a majority of employees who ask for recognition of their union, the employer has the power to force employees into a ballot process, which they control.

The Employee Free Choice Act would take away that power and give employees – not their bosses – the choice of how to form a union.