Fresh Media Coverage of Union Issues in N.C.

(Picture) Employee Free Choice ActEmployee Free Choice Act, Public Employee Bargaining up for discussion

MaryBe McMillan, Secretary-Treasurer for the NC State AFL-CIO, took part in an interview with Charlotte public radio station WFAE 90.7FM for a story about the Employee Free Choice Act which aired on Monday, March 30.

“There’s only one secret that the Chamber of Commerce and the CEO’s want to protect and it’s not whether a worker writes yes or no on a union ballot,” says North Carolina AFL-CIO spokesperson Marybe McMillan. “The only secret they are trying to protect is how the Employee Free Choice Act would really empower workers and give them a voice on the job.”

Listen to the full report by Julie Rose, WFAE 90.7FM on the Employee Free Choice Act:

McMillan also took part in a debate last week with Dallas Woodhouse of Americans for Prosperity and Angaza Laughinghouse, President of UE Local 150 for the UNC-TV program Black Issues Forum. The episode, which will air this Sunday, April 5 at 4:30 pm, focuses on unions, the Employee Free Choice Act and bills recently introduced in the General Assembly to repeal the Jim Crow era prohibition on collective bargaining for public employees.

Watch (the video): Black Issues Forum episode on unions, Employee Free Choice, and public employee bargaining
When: Sunday, April 5, 2009 at 4:30 pm
Where: UNC-TV (your local PBS station, usually channel 4)

LIVE radio call-in show on unions Thursday, April 9

MaryBe McMillan will discuss union issues on “Charlotte Talks” on Thursday, 4/9 from 9-10am. The president of the Carolinas Association of General Contractors will be on to represent the business side. The show airs on WFAE 90.7FM in Charlotte and WFHE 90.3FM in Hickory.

Listen: “Charlotte Talks” LIVE radio call-in show on unions
When: Thursday, April 9 from 9:00 to 10:00 am
What Stations :
WFAE 90.7FM in Charlotte and WFHE 90.3FM in Hickory

I support Health Care for America NowNC AFL-CIO voices concern at White House Forum on Health Reform

On Tuesday, March 31, the White House Forum on Health Reform made a stop in Greensboro as part of its 5 stop tour to promote Congressional action this year on meaningful health care reform. Previous stops included Iowa, Michigan, and Vermont.

Governor Bev Perdue and White House director of health reform, Nancy Ann DeParle co-hosted the forum at North Carolina A&T State University. More than 700 people attended the 90 minute forum – the most to-date. Parents of children with disabilities, patients, people without health insurance, health care providers, employers, and union members took part in the event, which began with a recorded message from the President.

“Health reform cannot be achieved by ideas from Washington alone. Health reform cannot wait another year, and together we can insure that all Americans have quality affordable health care,” President Obama said.

The current system of employer provided coverage is unraveling as soaring costs threaten to cripple businesses and unemployment, now at 10.7 percent in North Carolina, continues to rise.

At the very end of the town-hall style meeting, NC AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan stood to ask a question on the minds of many North Carolinians who are unemployed or face losing their jobs in the down economy:

“The laid off workers I talk to everyday wanna know when are we gonna quit talking and when are we gonna take action to create reform? Folks need relief and we need it now.”

Listen to the report by WFAE 90.7FM on the forum, which includes the quote from MaryBe: