FINALLY: Election Day is Here!


What you need to know:

Endorsed Candidates: Go to our web site for more information.

Time: Polls open at 6:30 am and close at 7:30 pm.

Place: Use the State Board of Election’s precinct locator to find your polling place.

Registration: You must be registered as of October 10, 2008 in order to vote. The best thing to do is check your registration before going to the polls.

Provisional Ballots: Under the law, voters must receive provisional ballots when their names do not appear on voting rosters when they go to vote. If that happens to you, you have the right to cast a provisional ballot! If a poll worker tries to turn you away, demand to cast a provisional ballot. Do not leave the polls without voting!

Stay in Line: We cannot stress this enough – STAY IN LINE! Expect record turnout and long lines, so be prepared to wait. If you’re in line at 7:30 pm, you have the right to cast a ballot, no matter how long the line ahead of you is.

The Weather: Forecasts predict rain in much of the state, today. Be prepared for precipitation by bringing a coat, poncho, or umbrella.

Clothing: Contrary to popular rumor, a voter who is wearing a political cap, T-shirt, or button and does not electioneer within the polling place will be allowed to vote in a normal matter.

Ballot Reminders: You have to vote for President separately. Voting for president should be the first thing you do when you receive your ballot. Straight-party-ticket voting DOES NOT INCLUDE PRESIDENT!

After you vote for president, you can vote a split ticket by:

  1. Selecting the party as if you were voting a straight ticket and then selecting any candidate you wish to vote for of a different party; or
  2. Not marking the party and selecting each candidate, one at a time, in each race you wish to vote for.

Judicial races are non-partisan and are thus excluded from a straight party ticket. They must be voted for separately!

Who to Call for Help: If you feel like you are mistreated when you vote, contact the national Election Protection hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE, Democracy North Carolina at 1-888-OUR-VOTE or call the State Board of Elections at 1-866-522-4723.