• Observe Workers Memorial Day April 28th, 2023

    Join us at 10 AM Friday, April 28th in Raleigh for a press conference and solemn memorial service during which participants will toll a bell 179 times – once for each person in North Carolina who died while working for a better life in 2021 – and will renew our fight for strong safety and health protections.

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  • Enroll Now in Carolina Labor School 2023!

    Carolina Labor School will return to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington this July 23-28, 2023! Enroll by June 23rd to get guaranteed admission and pay the lowest tuition rates.

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  • Joint Statement on Removing Barriers to Labor Organizing (Act)

    Today we celebrate the introduction of legislation to repeal North Carolina’s “right-to-work” law and the prohibition on public employee collective bargaining, G.S. 95-98–two relics from the segregation era that belong in the dustbin of history. 

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  • Duke Grad Workers Seek Election to Secure Freedom to Unionize

    Graduate workers at Duke University have filed for an NLRB election after Duke declined to voluntarily recognize the growing majority of the university’s 2,500 PhD student workers who are exercising their freedom to join together in union to have a collective voice in determining pay, benefits, and working conditions.

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  • The Justice System Failed Ella May

    On September 14th, 1929, Ella May drove into Gastonia from Bessemer City with a group of fellow union organizers, planning on singing at a rally in support of strikers at Loray Mill. Before they could reach their destination, however, a mob of armed anti-union men intercepted them and ran May’s truck off the road. The mob then opened fire on the truck, hitting May, who exclaimed “Oh Lord, they’ve killed me” and died. May’s killers would later walk free.

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  • Lobbying for Good Jobs, Healthy Communities, and Shared Prosperity

    Over 160 labor leaders and rank-and-file union members attended the 2023 NC Labor Legislative Conference in Raleigh last week. During the 2-day conference, the NC State AFL-CIO unveiled a 2023-2024 legislative agenda to create good jobs, healthy communities, and shared prosperity for working families, and attendees visited members of the North Carolina General Assembly to push for Medicaid and Broadband expansion in particular.

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  • Advanced Labor School Returns April 4-6th

    We are excited to announce the return of ADVANCED Labor School, Tuesday, April 4th through Thursday, April 6th at Teamsters Local 391 in Raleigh! Registration is open to Carolina Labor School alumni and local union leaders only, and space will be limited to 40 students who register by March 24th.

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  • Member Spotlight: Scott Mullins (IAFF)

    North Carolina currently doesn’t allow public sector workers like me to have union contracts, but it’s still worth fighting together in unions to improve safety and pay for the benefit of our families. Even without collective bargaining, unions like mine can make a difference. No one is going to look out for fire fighters like we do, and when we work together, we’re able to make gains, especially locally.

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  • Count Me In! What We Did Together in 2022

    In 2022, record numbers of workers unionized including many from the mountains to the sea in North Carolina. We organized at the workplace and at the ballot box, helping to elect labor champions. Read about what we did together in North Carolina in 2022, a year that made it clear there is power in a union.

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  • Nurses Leading the Way in Labor’s “Southern Revival”

    Read about how Nurses at Mission Hospital are leading the way in growing North Carolina’s labor movement and showing what solidarity looks like in our state.

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  • NC AFL-CIO Statement About 2022 Midterm Election Results

    The fight to build a better future for North Carolina’s working families continues! Read our statement about the 2022 midterm election results.

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  • Next NC Labor Legislative Conference Set for February 2023

    Our 2023 Labor Legislative Conference will be held at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel on Wednesday and Thursday, February 8-9, 2023. This conference combines training on our legislative agenda with a Labor Lobby Day to advocate for working people. Book your hotel stay by January 6th to get our group rate.

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  • NC Labor 2022 Endorsement Slates Available

    graphic with election dates and QR code for more information

    How you vote is a personal decision, but your union did the research on where each candidate stands on the issues that matter to members and believes these candidates are the best choices for working people. Vote early now until November 5th or vote on Election Day, November 8th.

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  • Joint Statement with Wiley Nickel About the Start of Early Voting

    We are excited to begin casting our ballots for pro-worker champions like Wiley Nickel, Cheri Beasley, and others who will stand alongside working people in our fight for higher wages, safer workplaces, and stronger labor rights!

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  • 65th Annual Convention Recap: Building Power for Working People

    For the 65th year in a row, hundreds of North Carolina’s union members, labor leaders, and elected officials came together at the Annual Convention of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO to say “count me in” to build power for working people through organizing, mobilizing, and voting together for a better life. 

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