• Cheri Beasley, MaryBe McMillan Release Statement In Honor of Labor Day 

    “Today we take the time to acknowledge and thank the working people in our country who are the backbone of our economy. North Carolinians across this state are working hard to care for their families and keep our state moving forward, and I promise to continue fighting alongside you,” said Cheri Beasley.

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  • Member Spotlight: Margaret Summers (NATCA)

    Our union has a motto for the retirees: “union passion never retires.” So while I am retired, I’m still involved with NATCA on a national level and with the local union in Raleigh. Having a union job gave me the security and safety to do my job well, but it also gave me a sense of camaraderie with the people I work with. Staying involved lets me give back to our union and to all working people, and I want to do what I can to support the community that has supported me. 

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  • Congrats to the Carolina Labor School Class of 2022!

    Approximately 75 members from unions of working people across North Carolina – including letter carriers and auto workers, glass makers and pipefitters, steelworkers, bus operators, airport workers, and others – formed the Class of 2022 at Carolina Labor School held at UNC Wilmington last week.

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  • Member Spotlight: Melissa Reyes (IBEW)

    Photo of Melissa Reyes, a member of IBEW Local 379 in Charlotte

    Our union is changing big-time, and that’s what motivates me. When I was in the apprenticeship program, I was the only woman in the program all four years. We’re intentionally working to become more diverse by opening up the doors for everybody because we are the future of the labor movement.

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  • NC AFL-CIO Holds Labor 2022 Skills Building Training

    On June 21st, facilitators from the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute and NC A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) held an online training to give union activists a chance to practice and polish their organizing skills, starting with having the conversations that will be essential to a successful Labor 2022 member-to-member political education program this year.

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  • 1st Annual Carolinas Kickball Game Held in Charlotte

    The Charlotte-Metrolina Labor Council and the Catawba Labor Council held the 1st Annual Carolinas Kickball Game last Saturday, June 4th, at Park Road Park in Charlotte, NC.​ The teams met to settle the rivalry of which Carolina is finer​ with a great turn out of players and spectators on both sides, but only one team could walk away with the trophy.

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  • NC AFL-CIO 65th Annual Convention, Sept. 29-30th

    Our 65th Annual Convention at the Hilton Raleigh North Hills in our dynamic state capital! We hope you will say “Count me in!” to join us there on Thursday and Friday, September 29th and 30th. Buy tickets online at and book hotel rooms at

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  • Member Spotlight: Amber Dunn (NALC)

    My name is Amber Dunn, and I am a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Branch 545, living in Charlotte, NC, where I deliver mail from the United States Post Office downtown. My union runs Stamp Out Hunger, the largest one-day food drive in America, held on the second Saturday every May, this year on May 14th, and I am honored to serve as the Food Drive Coordinator for my Branch. 

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  • Member Spotlight: Braxton Winston II (IATSE)

    I’ve been a laborer in show business for 18 years, and I love every part of it. Everyday we’re creating experiences that last for a couple of hours in real time but provide memories that our patrons will keep forever. Our industry moves and grows in sync with Charlotte, and our work directly reflects the culture of our town.

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  • NC Workers Who Died on the Job Honored at Workers Memorial Day Service in Raleigh

    On April 28th, local workers, union members, and community leaders gathered outside the North Carolina State Capitol to mark Workers Memorial Day to remember workers who have died or suffered illness or injuries while on the job. Rev. Jennifer Copeland of the NC Council of Churches and Rabbi Eric Solomon of Beth Meyer Synagogue offered prayers for workers and their families. NC Department of Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson and NC State AFL-CIO President MaryBe McMillan pledged to work together to advocate for workplace safety. Crystal Maqueda, wife of the Bonner Bridge Collapse victim last year, spoke of her loss before joining other attendees in taking turns to ring a memorial bell 190 times, once for her husband and 189 other people who died on the job in North Carolina. 

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  • Advisory: Community to Honor NC Workers Who Died on the Job (April 28th)

    On Thursday, local workers, union members, and community leaders will gather outside the North Carolina State Capitol to mark Workers Memorial Day, renew the call for strong safety protections, and remember workers who have died or suffered illness or injuries while on the job. At the interfaith press conference and solemn memorial service, participants will toll a bell 189 times – once for each person in North Carolina who died while working for a better life in 2020, the most recent year for which the full death toll is known.

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  • NC AFL-CIO Announces May 17th Primary Endorsements

    The North Carolina State AFL-CIO is proud to announce the labor federation’s endorsements for the May 17th primary election in North Carolina—72 candidates who are dedicated to fighting for working people. Leading the slate of candidates is Cheri Beasley for U.S. Senate, who is 1 of 6 union members running for office this year.

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  • Member Spotlight: Yvonne Kinston (CWA)

    What drew me to running for office was the need for working people to have a voice on the City Council, someone who would make sure democracy works in a way that treats workers fairly and justly. For me, that’s making sure we get paid livable wages and have safe places to live in homes we can afford.

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  • Carolina Labor School Returns for 2022!

    After taking two years off due to the pandemic, we are excited to announce that Carolina Labor School will return to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington this July 17-22, 2022!

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  • NC Union Candidate Town Hall DOUBLE FEATURE is April 13th!

    We’re doing multiple virtual candidate town halls with our union member candidates! Up first at 7pm will be US Senate candidate Cheri Beasley (SEIU), followed by Fayetteville City Councilor Yvonne Kinston (CWA), and Charlotte City Councilor Braxton Winston (IATSE) at 7:30pm.

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