Canadians show U.S. how to fight Right to Work (video)

Ain’t no free rides, son

Right to work for less is not just a problem for union members in the United States. Heck, it’s not even a just a problem for unions as data shows states like North Carolina with so-called “Right to Work” laws have lower incomes, less job-based healthcare coverage, higher poverty and infant mortality, less funding for education, and more deaths on the job.

Even in Canada, letting freeloaders have all the advantages of hard-fought union contracts without paying their fair share is a favorite tactic of right-wing politicians who want to make sure their opposition does not have the money to oppose their agenda.

Award-winning Canadian director Bruce McDonald is sending a message to Ontario politicians behaving badly with a clever YouTube video that should resonate with every union member in North Carolina. There are no free rides in life.

Click here to watch the video: