BTC BRIEF: County Economic Snapshots by NC Justice Center

How is Your County Doing?

The Budget & Tax Center’s annual Economic Snapshots are now available and offer a look at how well North Carolina communities are faring across key economic and social outcomes.

If you’re wondering how many people are in poverty, graduating from high school, or lack health insurance in your county, these Snapshots are your one-stop shop for quick data.

Indicators included in the Economic Snapshot for every county are:

  • The change in the number of employed persons since 2007
  • Poverty levels and the hourly wage for the median worker
  • Housing affordability
  • And more

Ways to Use the Snapshots

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Use the data for grant reports, strategic planning and organizational development
  • Bring the information to community conversations about programing and planning for your county’s future
  • Start a conversation with colleagues and neighbors about what your community faces and how public policy can help address the challenges and create opportunities

We hope that you will share how you plan to use these snapshots. Be sure to send us an email and let us know.

Source: BTC BRIEF: County Economic Snapshots | NC Justice Center

The economic snapshot for Scotland County, NC.

The economic snapshot for Scotland County, NC. Read the complete report for Scotland and other counties here.