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  • Liz Shuler, national AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, coming to NC

    Liz Shuler

    We are excited to announce that national AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, Liz Shuler, will be in North Carolina on Monday and Tuesday, March 4th and 5th! Shuler is coming to the Triangle-area to speak about why workers’ rights are important with stops in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

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  • Republicans introduce three anti-worker constitutional amendments

    True to his word, on the first day of business in the new legislative session, North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis introduced one bill to put three anti-worker, anti-union amendments to our state constitution on the ballot in 2014.

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  • Charlotte City workers win dues checkoff

    This week, employees of the City of Charlotte won small victory that will make a big difference in strengthening their unions.

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  • N.C. voters favor strengthening laws to protect workers

    We noticed strong support for strengthening laws to protect workers when NC Policy Watch released results of its September Carolina Issues Poll of North Carolina voters.

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  • AFL-CIO supports boycott of Palermo’s pizza

    Show your solidarity with the striking workers of Palermo’s by honoring the boycott until the company ends its unlawful efforts to interfere with the right of its workers to organize and bargain for a safer workplace and a better life..

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  • The Main Street Moment: Struggle in the heartland

    Only organized workers can save us from organized greed.

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  • Labor Secretary Solis marches with Labor in Alabama

    All of us should be proud to have a leader like Hilda Solis serving the workers of the United States as our Secretary of Labor. Secretary Solis is a reminder than we won more than a presidential election in 2008 – we won a fighter for working people in the federal department charged with protecting our rights.

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  • With labor law reform stalled, recognizing “A Civil Right to Unionize”

    The time has come to recognize American’s right to form a union “as fundamental as freedom from discrimination in employment and education.”

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  • Join national day of action against ALEC Feb 29

    Occupy Winston-Salem is supporting a national day of action on February 29 to call attention to the corporations that fund ALEC. They’re calling it Occupy the Corporations / #Feb29, and we are calling on our members and others who value work and condemn greed to join us.

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  • At town hall, Thom Tillis blames teachers for his attacks

    About 60 union members and community activists showed up at Gaston Community College in Belmont, NC to welcome North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis to another of his “Divide & Conquer” town halls. It was Tillis’ first town hall appearance since holding a surprise midnight session of the General Assembly on January 5 to strip teachers of their rights.

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  • Republican state lawmakers begin 2012 attacking workers’ rights

    The New Year means new opportunities for our Republican-controlled state legislature to attack workers’ rights, and the arrogant extremists in charge on Jones Street wasted little time in getting down to business. At 1:12am on January 5, Republicans voted to eliminate dues deduction for members of NCAE.

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  • Ohio Voters Resoundingly Reject Union-Busting Law

    On Nov. 8, Ohio voters repealed SB5, which took away the right of public employees to bargain for a middle-class life.

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  • Workshops: Protecting Workers Rights During Economic Crisis

    The North Carolina Justice Center is conducting a series of workshops across North Carolina to empower workers with the knowledge they need to protect their rights, especially in times of economic crisis like these.

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  • NLRB Rule Change Would Streamline Elections Process

    The National Labor Relations Board has proposed a set of modest changes to the rules governing the process for voting on union representation. If adopted by the NLRB, these modest changes would modernize and streamline its representation election procedures and restore some balance and fairness to the system.

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  • Duane Adkinson

    A Man Driven by his Faith to Defend Social Justice and Working People

    Duane Adkinson, a retired UAW member, long-time supporter and activist of the NC AFL-CIO, NC Alliance for Retired Americans Board member, and Triangle At-Large Retiree Club Treasurer, was highlighted in the Garner Citizen newspaper earlier this year for his tireless work on behalf of human rights and social justice (see link below for full story).

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