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  • Wear Red July 25 to Stand Against Trump’s Anti-Union Crackdown #RedForFeds

    On July 25th, AFGE members across the country are taking a stand against the union-busting, democracy-busting executive orders. AFGE Local 1738 is sponsoring a bus to take members, their friends and families, and other community supporters to join the rally in DC. If you can we’re asking you to come to DC on the 25th to join us or host an event at home. Use the hashtag #RedForFeds when showing your support on social media!

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  • Call 844-899-9913 to Voice Your Opposition to Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court!

    Judge Brett Kavanaugh​ has a dangerous track record of protecting the privileges of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of working people.

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  • Attend Raising Wages #15forNC Lobby Day May 22nd

    On May 22nd, the Raising Wages NC coalition is hosting a statewide lobby day to put our elected officials on notice that the time is now for state lawmakers to raise the minimum wage for North Carolina’s working families to $15 an hour.

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  • Farm Laborers Launch Boycott of Reynolds VUSE e-Cigs

    Until Reynolds signs an agreement guaranteeing farmworkers freedom of association and the right to collectively negotiate for safe and humane working and living conditions and for a fair return on their work, join us in boycotting the VUSE e-cigarette brand!

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  • It’s About Freedom: Working People’s Day of Action Feb. 24th

    On February 24, join thousands of working people and our allies standing up for our freedoms and demanding an end to a system that’s rigged against us. Here’s why that matters and how you can help!

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  • Moral March 2018: Taking the Resistance to the Ballot Box!

    Join us for the 12th annual Moral March on Raleigh and Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) People’s Assembly on February 10, 2018. This annual mobilization of the HKonJ Coalition brings together justice loving people from across the state and nation to stand against the legislative attacks on the people of North Carolina and to continue to fight for our moral agenda.

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  • “Women’s Rally on Raleigh” set for January 20th

    Join us Saturday, January 20th in Raleigh to mark the one year anniversary of the Women’s March. To show our love for the resistance, the North Carolina AFL-CIO plans to operate a “Hug-A-Thug” booth while tabling at the Women’s Rally on Raleigh, and we’re looking to recruit a few good union members as huggers!

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  • Senate Reveals Bill to Replace Health Care Law with Tax Cuts

    The American Health Care Act (AHCA), which is the Republican health care bill, is about to be voted on in the Senate. This bill, along with President Trump’s proposed budget, will cut Medicaid funding almost in half. Many Americans, including seniors, children and women, will lose medicaid benefits and transfer the money meant for all of us to just the richest 1%. Call 888-865-8089 and tell your senators to vote no on the AHCA.

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  • Call for Fixes to NC Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    Today the trust fund that pays unemployment benefits has over $3 BILLION in assets – more than enough cushion to warrant changing the law by reversing the takeaways of 2013 and giving working people who fall on hard times a fair shake.

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  • Crack Down on Wage Thieves in North Carolina

    Sign our petition to tell state Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, our “Reluctant Regulator” to use her power to crack down on minimum wage violators in North Carolina!

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  • Support the Nabisco/Mondelez Shareholder Showdown May 17th

    Last year, Nabisco/Mondelēz’ CEO Irene Rosenfeld got paid $8,029 per hour to eliminate 600 good, middle-class jobs in Chicago in order to outsource Nabisco production to Mexico and exploit working families for $1 per hour.

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  • 2017 Expose Walmart Tour Coming Through North Carolina

    Show up to show solidarity with workers organizing for a better life when the 2017 Expose Walmart Tour makes stops May 22nd in Charlotte and Greensboro.

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  • Remember the Dead on Workers Memorial Day 2017 (4/28)

    Join us at 10 AM Friday, April 28th in Raleigh for a press conference and solemn memorial service during which participants will toll a bell 150 times – once for each person in North Carolina who died while working for a better life in 2015.

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  • You can help #StampOutHunger Saturday, May 13

    People working together in their union, the National Association of Letter Carriers will help “Stamp Out Hunger” across the nation in the 25th year of the largest one-day food drive in America, Saturday, May 13, 2017.

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  • Accountability Alert: House Passes Bill Attacking V.A. Employees

    Legislation that’s a thinly veiled effort to destroy their union rights and blame front-line employees for management failures at Veterans Affairs has passed the U.S. House.

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