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  • Statement on Anti-Union Amendment to Farm Bill (S615)

    Legislators should be ashamed of themselves for this sneak attack on some of our state’s most vulnerable working people.

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  • Call for Fixes to NC Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    Today the trust fund that pays unemployment benefits has over $3 BILLION in assets – more than enough cushion to warrant changing the law by reversing the takeaways of 2013 and giving working people who fall on hard times a fair shake.

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  • Legislative Report: Labor Issues after the “Crossover” Deadline

    April 27th was the deadline for state bills to pass one chamber and “crossover” to the next in order to still be viable this session. Here’s what that means for the issues we’re following.

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  • Campaign Launched to Raise NC’s Minimum Wage to #15in5

    In recognition of International Women’s Day, state lawmakers joined Raising Wages NC to kickoff a new campaign and to introduce legislation for $15 an hour by 2022.

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  • Redistricting Reform In-Focus on First Day of New NCGA

    State lawmakers convened the first session of the 2017-18 General Assembly on Wednesday, and a coalition of groups including the NC State AFL-CIO held a press conference to once again call for lawmakers to stop choosing their voters by implementing independent redistricting in North Carolina.

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  • Shenanigans and Power Grabs: NCGA’s Dec. 2016 “Special Sessions”

    Some called what the veto-proof Republican majority in our legislature pulled off in its December 14-21 special sessions “shenanigans,” while others, including the New York Times, called it a “brazen power grab.” Either way, the shoe fits.

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  • Mike’s Take on the NCGA: #HB2

    In the final installment of our video series on issues that’ll be important to working people when the NCGA reconvenes, our general counsel weighs in on the effects of House Bill 2, Gov. McCrory’s executive order, and his hope for how lawmakers will deal with the fallout during the 2016 legislative session.

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  • Mike’s Take on the NCGA: Unemployment Insurance

    In the second installment of our video series on issues that’ll be important to working people when the NCGA reconvenes, our general counsel offers one way it could begin to restore fairness after years of unemployment benefit cuts.

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  • Our general counsel gives his take on issues facing the 2016 NCGA

    Mike Okun

    A new 3-part video series debuting today and featuring NC State AFL-CIO General Counsel Mike Okun aims to fill us in on three issues of concern to working people when the North Carolina General Assembly reconvenes April 25th for its 2016 “short” session.

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  • MaryBe McMillan sounds alarm about anti-worker HB2

    MaryBe McMillan took to the airwaves last night to expose the anti-worker effects of North Carolina’s controversial new law, H.B. 2 on The Rick Smith Show.

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  • Cheaters win, rest lose from failure to pass HB 482

    Yet again, legislators have chosen to protect the interests of well-heeled lobbyists at the expense of workers. Because of the legislature’s inaction, workers will continue to lose wages and benefits, companies that abide by the law will continue to lose business to their unscrupulous competitors, and our state will continue to lose over $400 million in lost revenue.

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  • HB 318: “Abuse NC Workers Act”

    Republican lawmakers used the last hours of the extended legislative session to ram through H.B. 318, a nasty piece of legislation that targets immigrant working people and unemployed people.

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  • Christensen: Legislature making life harder for jobless in NC

    Instead of reversing any of their cruel cuts to jobless benefits made back in 2013 – cuts that now provide workers laid off through no fault of their own with just 12 weeks of coverage, down from 26, and pay at best just $350/week – the folks running our state plan to make it harder for workers to get any assistance while giving employer another tax cut.

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  • Lack of paid sick leave burdens NC families

    North Carolina working families could get a bit more job security if two bills filed to provide all workers with paid sick leave get a fair hearing – and a vote – in the General Assembly.

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  • “Huge, unexpected” changes to NC’s voter ID law

    Voters without an approved photo ID will be allowed to vote in 2016 – with conditions – a small but significant exception to the 2013 ‘monster’ voter ID law that opponents hope will be struck down entirely in court.

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