• ADT Locks Out NC Security Techs

    Employees – installation specialists and service technicians who provide home and business security service – voted for representation by the IBEW in 2013 and have been negotiating for a first contract ever since.

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  • ADT Locks Out Winston-Salem, N.C. Employees

    We’ve received troubling news from our IBEW affiliate in Winston-Salem, NC where, instead of bargaining in good faith on a first contract, ADT has left 19 workers locked out in the cold.

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  • Watch this – Danny Glover: Our Postal Service

    In this superb two-minute video, actor-activist Danny Glover champions the need for a vibrant public Postal Service and asks the public to join with him in A Grand Alliance to save it.

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  • Support tobacco farmworkers at Pantry shareholder meeting (3/10)

    This will be the third year in a row since farm laborers and their supporters escalated their campaign to get Reynolds American to end the abuses in its tobacco supply chain by taking the matter up with the company that sells more Reynolds tobacco products than any other.

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  • Greensboro responds to firing with a sit-in

    Our inspirational story of the week goes to fast food workers in the Fight for $15 and their community supporters in Greensboro who answered workplace injustice in a very-Greensboro way. Triad City Beat covered what happened after Wendy’s retaliated against their employee Crystal Price for standing up for higher wages and the right to form a union.

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  • Picket for a fair contract from CenturyLink (12/8)

    CenturyLink workers in Wake and nearby counties, members of CWA Local 3682, will picket outside company offices in Youngsville on Monday, Dec. 8 from 6:30 to 8:30 AM. With good jobs and retirement security for 175 workers on the line, this informational picket will provide an opportunity for you to show public support for workers’ efforts to win a fair contract – one that prevents the company from outsourcing jobs and cutting retirement benefits.

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  • Stand with Fast Food workers on Dec. 4th!

    Fast Food workers and allies from across North Carolina are gathering together on December 4 to fight for living wages, respect, and rights on the job! Join us as we build the “Fight for $15 Movement” in the South!

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  • Join OUR Walmart solidarity events in NC

    Join us Monday in Greensboro, Friday in Durham, or wherever you are next week to send a message to Walmart and the Walton Family which controls it that greed is still a sin, and they are no longer going to get a pass from you for profiting off the poverty of Walmart workers!

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  • Walmart workers announce national strike

    If you agree with us that no one in America should work at a company with $16 billion in profits, run by a family with more than $150 billion in wealth and be unable to put dinner on the table, support Walmart strikers in North Carolina this Black Friday!

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  • Stand Up For Our Veterans on 9/12 in Durham!

    V.A. employees and supporters of veterans will protest against mismanagement in the Department of Veterans Affairs outside the V.A. office in Durham on Sept. 12th.

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  • Stand with the Fight for $15 on Sept. 4

    On Thursday, September 4 at noon, supporters of fast food workers in the South – workers who are leading the way in the fight for raising wages, respect, and hope through their union – will rally in Durham.

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  • Calling all workers to Solidarity City August 9 in Goldsboro

    On Saturday, August 9 workers from across NC and other Southern states will gather in Goldsboro, NC for Solidarity City – a day long gathering of workers to discuss strategy, develop their organizing skills, and lay out how to continue to build a united effort to organize the South.

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  • Farm and fast food workers unite

    On May 8th, Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) joined forces with faith leaders, fast food workers, and hundreds of community supporters in Winston-Salem to fight for living wages and union rights for farm workers at Reynolds American.

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  • Fast Food workers strike goes global May 15

    Fast food workers across the world are going on strike May 15 with actions in 150 cities in 30 countries – including Raleigh, NC.

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  • Fast Food workers in South subject of new mini-documentary

    Check out this great mini-documentary on low-wage worker organizing in the South to learn what it’s all about, with strike footage and interviews with fast food workers and labor and civil rights leaders.

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