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  • North Carolina AFL-CIO Holds 61st Annual Convention

    Unions of working people from across North Carolina are meeting in Raleigh today and tomorrow to collect supplies and raise money for Hurricane Florence relief at the North Carolina labor federation’s 61st Annual Convention.

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  • N.C. Unions Help Deliver Food for Wake County Students Ahead of May 16th Advocacy Day

    The NC State AFL-CIO delivered four pallets of food donated by the Food Bank and sorted into 500 “weekend packs” to Ligon Middle School in Raleigh for distribution by Wake County teachers to students in need across Wake County today.

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  • North Carolina Unions Added 16,000 Members in 2017

    “The growth in union membership shows that working people understand the power we have when we join together,” said MaryBe McMillan, President of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO.

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  • Labor-Endorsed Candidates Win Local Elections Across N.C.

    Union member Braxton Winston II elected to Charlotte City Council; Union-backed mayors win in Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, and Raleigh

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  • NC AFL-CIO Congratulates Governor-Elect Roy Cooper

    NC Attorney General Roy Cooper

    Governor-elect Cooper will give North Carolina fresh leadership in difficult times, and we look forward to working with him to build a better future for working people.

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  • Workers Unite to Promote a Working People’s Agenda

    Some corporate executives looking for a return on their substantial investments in state legislative campaigns last year have their eyes on changes to our workers’ compensation system. Lawmakers in Raleigh would do well to look the other way. In these tough economic times, there is no sense in fixing what is not broken and making injured workers pay the price. Instead, the legislature should focus on what the people of North Carolina need most right now – jobs. The Labor Legislative Conference Feb. 8 will provide an opportunity for the new Republican House and Senate majorities to hear this message.

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  • On Unemployment, Richard Burr Just Doesn’t Get It

    Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) doesn’t understand why unemployment is still an emergency. Burr says it’s “No longer an emergency” For over 450,000 workers in North Carolina who are unemployed, the emergency is as real as it’s ever been. Despite this, Senator Burr has voted repeatedly AGAINST extending unemployment benefits, the only source of income for […]

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