• America’s unions will rise to the challenge in the South

    Woman holding NC Raise Up sign

    We must rise to the challenge where the challenge presented by organized greed is the greatest – here in the South.

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  • AFL-CIO chooses life, resolves to organize the South

    America’s unions resolve to develop a new Southern Organizing Strategy.

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  • Support Walmart worker organizing in North Carolina

    Our Walmart

    Join us at the OUR Walmart labor and community forum in Raleigh on September 5th.

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  • March on Reynolds for farmworker justice (5/9)

    Join us in Winston-Salem on Thursday, May 9 as we rally and march for justice for tobacco farmworkers!

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  • Boycott American Crystal Sugar products

    Sugar shouldn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. That’s why we are calling on American Crystal Sugar to end the 14-month lockout of its workers, members of BCTGM. Until Crystal Sugar agrees to end the lockout, the AFL-CIO will call for a boycott of the company’s products.

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  • J.w.J. rallies support for CWA and American Airlines agents (10/19)

    American is threatening lay-offs and massive wage cuts, and without a union the workers will have no voice. Come out and show the workers they are not alone!

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  • Organize Sitel

    Some 600 call center workers, employees of the customer service provider Sitel in Asheville, got a big boost this week in their struggle to organize a union and bargain a contract for a better life.

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  • March on Reynolds American shareholders meeting (5/3)

    Join us in Winston-Salem on May 3 as we rally and march for justice for tobacco farm workers! Tell Reynolds it’s time to take responsibility for it’s actions and it’s supply chain.

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  • IBEW is organizing against the odds in NC

    In North Carolina, IBEW local organizer Keith Rivers finds personal satisfaction in helping his home-state electricians discover a better life for themselves and their families through union membership.

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  • Take the Pledge, “I support American Jobs”

    In the wake of the bankruptcy of American Airlines, 13,000 people will lose their jobs and its employees’ will lose their pension. Over a hundred workers at RDU International airport will be affected, and their local union is asking for our help. Show your solidarity with American workers by taking the pledge, “I support American jobs.”

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  • NLRB Rule Change Would Streamline Elections Process

    The National Labor Relations Board has proposed a set of modest changes to the rules governing the process for voting on union representation. If adopted by the NLRB, these modest changes would modernize and streamline its representation election procedures and restore some balance and fairness to the system.

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  • Teamsters 71 Ends 2010 with Organizing Win

    Drivers at Alsco say ‘UNION YES!’ Alsco drivers in Charlotte, NC voted overwhelmingly to form a union and be represented by Teamsters Local 71. The drives, also known as Route Sales Representatives (RSRs), voted 8 to 1 to organize and bargain a contract for a better life. “In hard times, these drivers, after talking with […]

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  • Confessions of a Union Buster

    Spreading the ‘gospel’ of misinformation and fear In this video, the late Martin Jay Levitt explains to Delta Airlines flight attendants his trade secrets and tips after a 19-year career as a union buster (aka “Human Resources Consultant”, “Labor Management Consultant”). Flight attendants at Delta are in the process of voting on union representation (for […]

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  • American Red Cross in Charlotte Goes Union

    Workers win with Teamsters Local 71 One hundred fifty workers at the American Red Cross in Charlotte have voted to join Teamsters Local 71. “The 150 workers want job security, respect, a voice, and representation they know they can count on,” said Ted Russell, Local 71 President. “These hard workers have had it with management.” […]

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  • Workers Who Win the South Change the Nation

    MaryBe McMillan, Sec-Treas, NC AFL-CIO

    “I believe that workers can change the South and, by doing so, change the country. If only I could get the leaders of the union movement to believe it, too.”

    By MaryBe McMillan, Secretary-Treasurer

    Forty-seven years after the 1963 March on Washington, the union movement and our allies are preparing for our own march in October. Under the banner of One Nation Working Together, union members, civil rights activists and other concerned citizens will rally in support of good jobs, a quality education for every child, immigration reform and workers’ freedom to form a union. Our rallying cry is that we must reverse the dangerous trend toward greater income inequality and finally create an economy that works for all.

    To achieve that goal and to become a truly united nation working together, leaders of the One Nation coalition partners—particularly our nation’s labor leaders—could learn a valuable lesson from that earlier march on Washington: The road to justice and equality must go through the South.

    During the 1963 march, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. eloquently illustrated this point when he said:

    “Let freedom ring from the mountains of New York…Pennsylvania….Colorado….California. But not only that: Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia….from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee….from every hill and molehill of Mississippi….let freedom ring.”

    Civil rights leaders knew the only way to win freedom for people of color everywhere was to win it first in the most difficult place—the segregated South. That’s why community activists boycotted buses in Montgomery, college students staged sit-ins in Greensboro and sanitation workers walked out in Memphis. Dr. King and other leaders understood that if they could change policies in the heart of Jim Crow, then they could change laws nationally. And they did.

    More than four decades later, national labor leaders should heed Dr. King’s prophetic words. If we want to strengthen the rights of workers everywhere, then we must organize workers in the South.

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