• Citizens Lobby Day to End Gerrymandering (3/1)

    Come and speak directly to your state representatives. Tell them why they should vote for independent redistricting.

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  • National Trade Lobby Day is Feb. 10th

    As our fight to defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) continues, the national AFL-CIO is calling state and local labor leaders and affiliates to Washington, DC for a lobbying blitz on February 10th – and for everyone else to flood Congress with phone calls against the TPP.

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  • Join 2nd Chance Lobby Day May 5th

    It’s clear to us that the current system of incarceration and re-incarceration is not working. All North Carolina workers deserve a second chance to become productive members of society.

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  • Powerful speech by MaryBe McMillan at HK on J Lobby Day

    MaryBe McMillan delivered a rousing speech who gathered at a local Raleigh church before walking over to the legislature on Jones Street, together. In her remarks, MaryBe reminded Lobby Day participants that, “The power is not in this building on Jones Street, brothers and sisters. The power is in our hands!”

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  • Workers to Congress, “No More Tax Cuts For The Rich. No Benefit Cuts For The Rest.”

    State AFL-CIO reps joined other union leaders and advocates for workers from 33 states on Capitol Hill this week to lobby Congress to finally let expire the Bush tax giveaway to the top 2% of taxpayers and to protect the future economic security of the other 98% by not cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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  • Help overturn Citizens United at May 23 lobby day

    Show solidarity for a North Carolina state resolution to overturn the Supreme Court decision that legalized unlimited corporate spending to control elections.

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  • Recap: Collective Bargaining Lobby Day

    As struggle continues, “Stay on the wall” On Tuesday, June 15, 2010, supporters of public employees rallied outside the North Carolina General Assembly before lobbying lawmakers to repeal the ban on collective bargaining by public employees – GS95-98 – a Jim Crow law passed in 1959 that’s still on the books. The event was organized […]

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  • Voter Owned Elections Lobby Day is Tues. (6/22)

    Click to register and for more info. Putting “We the People” back in control of our politics NC Voters for Clean Elections, a coalition working to advance citizen-funded, voter-owned elections will hold a lobby day at the General Assembly June 22. The NC AFL-CIO supports the work of the NC Voters for Clean Elections because […]

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  • Collective Bargaining Lobby Day is Tuesday (6/15)

    Click to download the flyer. Support public employees Join us on Lobby Day, Tuesday, June 15. Come to Raleigh and lobby the General Assembly to repeal the ban on collective bargaining and give state agencies and localities the option to negotiate a contract with their employees. Help make sure all employees in North Carolina – […]

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  • Video from Health Care Reform Lobby Day

    Because reforming health care can’t wait Thousands of Americans traveled to Washington, DC on June 25 to demand the Congress pass meaningful health care reform. Hundreds made the trip from North Carolina to participate in a rally followed by town halls held around the capital. Here’s a sampling of press coverage of health care lobby […]

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  • Get on the Bus for Health Care Reform

    We have info about buses leaving from NC Join thousands of union leaders, members and allies who will gather in our nation’s capital to demand real health care reform that works for real people. Help make this the largest health care lobby day in history! What: National Rally & Lobby Day for Health Care reform […]

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  • REPORT: Lobby for HOPE ’09

    Triple Play at Lobby Day On May 26 public employees and supporters from across North Carolina converged on Raleigh for HOPE’s second Collective Bargaining Lobby Day. Hundreds of people from 22 counties lobbied their legislators in person and through HOPE’s virtual lobby and call-in day. Our strategy this year followed on three tracks: 1. Mock […]

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