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  • NC childcare workers join #FightFor15

    Raise Up is having its first childcare worker forum this upcoming Tuesday, August 4th in Raleigh where workers, parents, and allies will talk about the need for affordable accessible childcare for working parents and living wages and union rights for childcare workers.

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  • We go on strike April 15th!

    On April 15, we will be standing up, speaking out and fighting for fair pay at the MASSIVE rallies around the globe for the Fight for $15. Stand with us!

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  • NC Churches advocate for raising wages, union rights

    We love this new post written by Sandy Irving, Volunteer Program Associate for the NC Council of Churches. If you believe in our agenda or raising wages and empowering workers, we think you will love it too.

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  • Students and workers unite in the Fight for $15 (3/23)

    Two years ago, people who work as cooks and cashiers in fast food restaurants launched a movement to raise their wages to $15/hour and win the right to form a union without retaliation. Now that movement is growing.

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  • Town Hall: Home health care workers join Fight for $15 (3/5)

    Join home health care workers, fast food workers, and other community members for a town hall forum to highlight the struggle for $15 and a union for home care workers on Thursday, March 5th in Raleigh.

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  • Union members lobby lawmakers on raising wages

    Union members from across the state came to Raleigh this week for the rollout of “A Working People’s” legislative agenda at our biennial labor legislative conference and lobby day where they also honored public and private sector workers and lawmakers engaged in the fight for raising wages.

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  • Greensboro responds to firing with a sit-in

    Our inspirational story of the week goes to fast food workers in the Fight for $15 and their community supporters in Greensboro who answered workplace injustice in a very-Greensboro way. Triad City Beat covered what happened after Wendy’s retaliated against their employee Crystal Price for standing up for higher wages and the right to form a union.

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  • Racist McDonald’s bosses sued for firing workers

    The suit alleges that the company targeted minority workers and that top level management regularly harassed black and Latino workers – including with comments from supervisors that there were “too many black people” working at the franchises.

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  • Stand with Fast Food workers on Dec. 4th!

    Fast Food workers and allies from across North Carolina are gathering together on December 4 to fight for living wages, respect, and rights on the job! Join us as we build the “Fight for $15 Movement” in the South!

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  • Stand with the Fight for $15 on Sept. 4

    On Thursday, September 4 at noon, supporters of fast food workers in the South – workers who are leading the way in the fight for raising wages, respect, and hope through their union – will rally in Durham.

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  • Calling all workers to Solidarity City August 9 in Goldsboro

    On Saturday, August 9 workers from across NC and other Southern states will gather in Goldsboro, NC for Solidarity City – a day long gathering of workers to discuss strategy, develop their organizing skills, and lay out how to continue to build a united effort to organize the South.

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  • Farm and fast food workers unite

    On May 8th, Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) joined forces with faith leaders, fast food workers, and hundreds of community supporters in Winston-Salem to fight for living wages and union rights for farm workers at Reynolds American.

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  • Fast Food workers strike goes global May 15

    Fast food workers across the world are going on strike May 15 with actions in 150 cities in 30 countries – including Raleigh, NC.

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  • Fast Food workers in South subject of new mini-documentary

    Check out this great mini-documentary on low-wage worker organizing in the South to learn what it’s all about, with strike footage and interviews with fast food workers and labor and civil rights leaders.

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  • Fast-Food CEOs get paid 1000 times why they pay their workers

    Think 331 to 1 is a ridiculous pay gap between the average CEO and the average worker? According to a shocking new report by think tank Demos, fast-food CEOs make 1000 times what they pay their average workers, and that’s down from 1200 to 1 in 2012.

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