• Election Protection: Get trained to be a poll monitor!

    Democracy North Carolina is recruiting “Vote Protectors” to monitor polls in key precincts all over the state for signs of trouble voting on Election Day.

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  • 4-Hour Canvass in Charlotte to Kick Off Largest-Ever AFL-CIO Electoral Campaign in NC

    Working people on Saturday will officially launch organized labor’s largest electoral mobilization in North Carolina history with a 4-hour canvass in Charlotte.

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  • NC Labor 2016 Voter Guide

    How you vote is a personal decision, but your decision will affect your job and your family. Know that these are the only candidates with opposition on Election Day who sought and received the endorsement of people working in unions.

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  • Petition Drive, Social Media Push Calls on Sen. Burr to renounce Trump

    The petition language states that Donald Trump is dangerous, divisive and unfit to be president – and yet Senator Richard Burr is still supporting him.

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  • What will it take for Sen. Burr to dump Trump?

    An organization dedicated to holding powerful Republican politicians accountable for what they say and what they do has a come out with a new video accusing Senator Richard Burr of deserting “his sense of common decency in favor of backing Donald Trump.”

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  • Sabra Faires, Alma Adams, and 10 other things to know about June 7th primary

    We’ve endorsed Sabra Jean Faires for NC Supreme Court and Alma Adams for the 12th Congressional District. Here’s everything else you need to know about voting in the June 7th primary.

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  • Alma Adams for U.S. Congress

    Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council, representing thousands of union members in the greater Charlotte area, has endorsed Alma Adams in her bid to represent working people in North Carolina’s newly-redrawn 12th Congressional District. Early voting for the June 7 primary election runs from May 26 to June 4.

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  • Sabra Jean Faires for NC Supreme Court

    NC State AFL-CIO has endorsed Sabra Jean Faires for election as the next justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court. Primary voters will decide June 7 if Faires makes it onto the ballot in November. Early voting runs May 26 to June 4.

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  • Endorsements finalized for March 15th primary

    These are the statewide, legislative, and local candidates running with the union label.

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  • Working-family endorsed candidates for Fall 2015

    Who you vote for is a personal decision. These are the only candidates who sought and received the endorsement of working people in the Fall 2015 local elections across North Carolina. Note that several union members are running for office in these elections, so we’ve noted them accordingly.

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  • Charlotte mayoral candidates pressed on raising wages

    This is a follow up to a story we told you about a special event in Charlotte where supporters of the Fight for $15 and a union took the concerns of working people in the Queen City directly to those running to be their next mayor.

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  • Fight for $15 mayoral forum in Charlotte (8/18)

    The Fight for $15 and a union will hold a public mayoral forum in Charlotte on Tuesday, August 18 where members of the public will get to meet and directly address candidates about their commitment to raising wages for workers in Charlotte.

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  • Give us the Senate candidate NC workers want

    “As Democrats look for a contender for the U.S. Senate race in 2016, working families in N.C. are hoping for a candidate who will talk candidly about inequality and offer solutions like higher wages, paid sick leave, collective bargaining rights and progressive tax reform,” says state AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan.

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  • “Huge, unexpected” changes to NC’s voter ID law

    Voters without an approved photo ID will be allowed to vote in 2016 – with conditions – a small but significant exception to the 2013 ‘monster’ voter ID law that opponents hope will be struck down entirely in court.

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  • Voter ID public hearings coming across NC

    The State Board of Elections is holding 9 public hearings across the state to hear your comments about a fuzzy part of the new photo ID law. The law says the ID must “reasonably resemble” the voter. But what does that mean?

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