• Fresh Media Coverage of Union Issues in N.C.

    Employee Free Choice Act, Public Employee Bargaining up for discussion MaryBe McMillan, Secretary-Treasurer for the NC State AFL-CIO, took part in an interview with Charlotte public radio station WFAE 90.7FM for a story about the Employee Free Choice Act which aired on Monday, March 30. “There’s only one secret that the Chamber of Commerce and […]

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  • Bankers: Bailout Billions for Us, No Free Choice for You

    Robber barons declare war on Employee Free Choice Act They’re at it again: mega banks are taking billions of dollars in bailout money with one hand and spending that money with the other to lobby for defeat of legislation that would make it easier for workers to organize and bargain for a better life. The […]

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  • Gallup: Majority Support Easier Unionization

    Independent poll shows 53% support new law Gallup released results of a new poll on Tuesday, March 17, that show by a wide-margin, a majority of the American public supports a new law to make it easier to organize a union. The Employee Free Choice Act would do just that. Maybe it’s the fact that […]

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  • Big Business Apoplectic Over Free Choice Act

    Here’s Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot, before the November 2008 election on what should happen to retailers who were not mobilizing politically against political candidates who support the Employee Free Choice Act: “If a retailer has not gotten involved with this, if he has not spent money on this election, if he has not […]

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  • NC Voices for Free Choice: Tony McKinnon, APWU

    “Businesses Hoping Ignorance Overcomes Common Sense” In an interview with Tony McKinnon, President of the Greater Sandhills CLC, he spoke candidly about the Employee Free Choice Act and what it would mean for working families. “Businesses use scare tactics to make people believe that the Employee Free Choice Act takes away a worker’s right to […]

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  • Lawmakers Stand with Workers on Free Choice

    Reps. Harrell, Luebke speak on behalf of workers Rep. Ty Harrell (front) and Rep. Paul Luebke speak about importance of unions to N.C. economy at a press conference on March 10, 2009. North Carolina Representatives Ty Harrell and Paul Luebke joined John Quinterno of the N.C. Budget and Tax Center for a press conference on […]

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  • False Equivalency of Dupes: Ballot Elections

    One of these things is not like the other The election process for deciding union representation under the supervision of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) bears no resemblance to the elections we have to decide who will hold public office in the United States. Union elections look more like the sham elections held in […]

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  • Send Thanks on Employee Free Choice Act

    Don’t let opponents be the only voices heard on Capitol Hill Taking action is quick and easy. A few clicks of the mouse and less than a minute of your time and we’ll be one step closer to passage of the most important labor law reform since 1935. We’ve setup three web pages where members […]

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  • N.C. Voices for Free Choice: Jeff Israel, USW 507

    “Unions are at a Crossroads” Jeff Israel is a Steelworker from Local 507 who works at the Evergreen Packaging paper mill. Last weekend we sat down to discuss what the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act would mean for union families and communities. “The Employee Free Choice Act will be the most significant piece […]

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  • Scary Movie: Corporate Lies About Free Choice

    Here’s the link to the video on YouTube.

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  • Economists Agree: Pass Employee Free Choice

    Labor market in “serious trouble” from lack of bargaining power The statement, signed by 39 of America’s top economists, including two Nobel Prize winners, points to the failure of U.S. labor laws to protect employees’ freedom to form a union and bargain as a major factor in our economic crisis. The Economic Policy Institute has […]

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  • Thank Hagan for Employee Free Choice Support

    SPEAK UP: Let Sen. Hagan know we’ve got her back Last week we held a press conference at the NC Justice Center to respond to anti-worker events held in Raleigh and Greensboro. Opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act are calling Senator Kay Hagan, urging her to break her pledge to vote for passage when […]

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  • Pres. Andrews Debates Free Choice on TV

    WATCH: Show will air Sat. (2/28) at 7pm on WRAL This morning, NC AFL-CIO President James Andrews sat down with David Crabtree, news anchor and reporter at WRAL (the CBS affiliate in the Triangle market), for a discussion of the Employee Free Choice Act on the program Headline Saturday. The program featured a debate with […]

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  • UNC-TV Airs Extensive Story on Free Choice Act

    WATCH: Legislative Week in Review (2/20) North Carolina PBS station UNC-TV ran an extensive story on the Employee Free Choice Act during the Feb. 20, 2009 edition of Legislative Week in Review. The piece includes coverage of anti-union events held in Raleigh last week, as well as our press conference held in response. Cutting through […]

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  • Conference Action for Employee Free Choice

    Delegates thank Hagan for support On the final day of our just concluded 2009 Legislative Conference, almost 100 attendees took time to write letters to Senator Kay Hagan, thanking her for standing by her campaign promise to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act when it comes before the United States Senate. Delegates also wrote […]

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