• Moral Monday draws record crowd to Asheville

    Crowd Shot of Mountain Moral Monday

    What’s next for Moral Monday after what the Asheville Citizen-Times called “the largest local protest in recent memory”?

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  • Mitt Romney brings his Etch-A-Sketch to Asheville

    When Mitt Romney and his allies gathered this week in Asheville, working families are getting ready to head to the polls on October 18 when early voting begins in North Carolina.

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  • Rally in All 50 States to Save the American Dream (2/26)

    This Saturday we’re drawing a line in the sand. The protests in Wisconsin have created an opportunity we have to seize. For too long, anti-worker voices have dominated the debate over the economy. But this time, they have gone too far.

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  • Keep it Made in USA Town Hall in Asheville (10/21)

    Celebrate American manufacturing Next year, economic forecasters predict that America will lose its #1 global ranking in manufacturing for the first time in 110 years. That’s right, China is projected to pass the U.S. in manufacturing in 2011. American manufacturing has already suffered its worst decade on record with more than 5 million jobs lost, […]

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  • Show Support for $15/hour in NC!

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