Let’s usher in a new paradigm so it will be said, ‘What’s good for workers is good for business!’ — MaryBe McMillan, Secretary-Treasurer

The North Carolina State AFL-CIO is an organization made up of local unions from across North Carolina. Just as joining together at the workplace gives workers a stronger voice, so too does joining together at a statewide level gives working people a stronger voice on issues that affect them and their families which are decided at levels beyond the workplace.

The contributions of all local unions in North Carolina are vital to sustaining our state’s labor movement. Each local’s views and energy in addressing concerns common to all workers are what our movement needs.

We are a democratic organization, governed by a constitution, and accountable to our member unions. The affiliated membership elects our leadership – two full-time officers and an executive board representative of unions across North Carolina. The programs we undertake and the services we offer are also determined by our membership.

MaryBe McMillan speaking at Occupy Raleigh, October 15, 2011

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Our mission

The mission of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO is to improve the lives of working families—to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our nation. To carry out this mission we will build and change the state’s labor movement.

We will build a broad movement of American workers by organizing workers into unions. We will create a broad understanding of the need to organize among union members, our leadership and among unorganized workers. We will mass resources and create strategies to help unions win organizing campaigns.

We will build a strong political voice for workers in our state. We will fight for an agenda for working families at all levels of government. We will build a broad progressive coalition that speaks out for social and economic justice.

We will change our unions to offer a new voice to workers in a changing economy. We will transform the role of the union from an organization that focuses on a member’s contract to one that gives workers a say in all the decisions that affect their lives.

We will change our labor movement by creating a new voice for workers in our communities. We will make the voices of working families heard across our state. We will create vibrant central labor councils that reach out to workers at the local level. We will strengthen the ties of labor to our community allies.

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